Dasha Mart Spotlights Her Lissome Legs In Jaw-Dropping Video Share

Russian bombshell Dasha Mart is perhaps just as well-known for her feats of flexibility as she is for her seemingly endless legs and overall statuesque beauty. On Friday, the 31-year-old model and social media star combined all three to extraordinary effect with a jaw-dropping reel on Instagram.

In the uploaded video, Dasha enticed her 2.1 million followers on the platform by using one of her sensuous stems to reach for her blanket -- which she proceeded to grab using only her toes -- and then pull it over her body as she sprawled out lazily on a sofa. All the while, her diminutive dog looked on.

Dasha captioned the clip by promoting a popular brand of energy drink, which she could also be seen sampling in the uploaded footage. Meanwhile, her fans were hyped by the stunning presentation of her lissome limbs, famous flexibility and sculpted physique in the post.

As of this writing, the reel was quickly approaching the 7,000-like mark. Moreover, the comments section had already been inundated with people publicly swooning over what they had seen.

"Wow...." raved one devotee. "Talented beautiful long legs. [multiple emoji]"

"Absolutely beautiful...and her little dog too," stated a second commenter.

"Those leg stretches have been paying off," opined a third fan of Dasha's form.

"I need you to help with my comforter," joked a fourth follower.

As the clip began, Dasha was shown stretched out on the couch. Her hip and upper body were raised, while her gorgeous gams hung over the side.

Her tempting, towering physique was dressed in formfitting, pink activewear. A pair of high-waisted yoga shorts perfectly accentuated her pert posterior and taut midsection while her ample bosom was similarly emphasized by a matching sports top. Meanwhile, her long mane draped over her shoulders and bust on both sides.

Initially, her blanket was wadded up on the hardwood floor, just beside her feet. In short order, though, Dasha had grasped it with her toes and pulled it high above her head with her right leg, seemingly touching her thigh to her torso in the process.

Shortly thereafter, she wrapped her calf around the front of her covers, then reached for her drink. After taking a long, nourishing sip, she smiled sweetly and glanced at her furry companion.

One week earlier, the Playboy cover girl elicited an equally enthusiastic response from fans with a sexy snap that showed her spreading her lithe legs while wearing lace lingerie which was practically see-through.