Natalia Garibotto Showcases Pert Derrière In Fishnet Stockings With Open Crotch

Blond beauty Natalia Garibotto took to Instagram to celebrate her birthday in the most sexy way possible — by wearing a pair of scandalous fishnet stockings and thong panties.

Natalia was dressed in all black and her stockings were adorned with small rhinestones. They also had an open crotch with large cut-out sections on the sides of her hips. Her panties had a low-cut front with thin straps along the top. She completed her look with a cropped camisole.

Natalia styled her hair straight with a deep side part and she accessorized with a pendant necklace and several bracelets.

The update consisted of three pictures that captured the blonde on a balcony that overlooked the ocean. A cityscape along a beach was visible in the distance.

In the first snap, she showed off her bodacious booty. The camera captured her from a side view as she kicked up one foot. She arched her back and smiled as she looked over her shoulder at the lens. The pose highlighted her shapely thighs and toned back.

Natalia stood with her butt facing the camera in the second frame. She leaned on the balcony railing while bending one knee. The stance gave her online audience an incredible view of her derrière and legs. She looked away from the lens with a smile.

The popular influencer faced forward in the last picture. She placed one hand on the railing while her other rested next to her bust. Natalia stood with one leg slightly forward, highlighting her hourglass shape and curvy hips. She looked downward with a pensive smile.

In the caption, she indicated that she had turned 28 years old.

Many of her admirers took some time to wish her a happy day, while others piled on the compliments.

“Damn it’s your birthday and you’re giving us gifts, that’s how you know you’re dope,” quipped one user.

“Happy birthday to the best booty around!” a second follower wrote, adding a cake and a peach emoji to their message.

“I respectfully appreciate this photo,” joked a third fan.

“Love this pic Natalia! Happy birthday!” a fourth admirer added with several emoji that included pink and red hearts.

Natalia gave her online audience a treat when she shared a couple of snaps that saw her rocking a sparkly bikini earlier in the month. The model also sported a shiny gold chain belt. She sat on a padded bench and struck a couple of playful poses while holding a bowl of fruit.