Yanita Yancheva Uses Just Hair To Cover Her Bare Chest In Stunning New Photo

Yanita Yancheva gave her 1.7 million Instagram quite the treat on Friday, January 15, helping them kick off the weekend in a better mood. The Bulgarian fitness model took to the popular app to upload a stunning photo of herself wearing nothing at all on her torso as she used her hair to censor the post.

The snapshot featured Yancheva at beach in Tulum, Mexico, as indicated by the geotag. She stood tall facing the camera and looked into the lens with serious eyes and lips a little parted, in a facial expression that was both fierce and daring.

Yancheva was fully topless in the shot, but she pulled her long, wavy platinum locks over her shoulders, allowing the strands to fall over her breasts. On her lower body, she wore a pair of white shorts with four frilly layers that gave it a romantic vibe. According to the tag, the garment was from Revolve.

She accessorized her look with a silver chain necklace by Mulata, which fell to her belly button.

Yancheva paired the picture with a lengthy, thought-inducing message in which she described her self-discovery path over the years. She discussed the duality of the human existence, sharing how she has learned to accept both sides and love herself unconditionally.

Unsurprisingly, the post was popular with her fans, who used the comments section space to respond to Yancheva's powerful words — in addition to remarking on her beauty and body. The photo has attracted about 50,000 likes and more than 320 comments from her loyal fans.

"Felt every word! [praying hands] Great shot as always!" one user raved.

"Yes, creating our world based on the beauty, unconditional love, and untapped wisdom within, is the journey of becoming the vessel in which the universe expresses itself [Earth emoji] [star] pure magic of creation," added another fan.

"I feel like I myself have gone through a change like I don't even know who that other person was for sooo long. And am losing some people along the way that really don't fit with the me now. Its like I wasn't myself for far too long," a third follower chimed in.

Yancheva is no stranger to baring her amazing body on Instagram. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she did the same earlier this week, when she shared another beach photo in which she posed next to a friend and fellow model, Desi Kate. Yancheva stood with her back to the camera, flaunting her killer booty. She had on a black two-piece bathing suit boasting a thong back that did more showing than covering. Desi also had on a black two-piece.