Sharon Osbourne Defends Rebel Wilson After Reported Weight Loss Backlash On 'The Talk'

Lucille Barilla

In a passionate discussion regarding the weight loss journey of actress Rebel Wilson, The Talk panelist Sharon Osbourne shared her own feelings regarding a reported backlash against the comedienne after she dropped over 40 pounds in 2020.

Sharon remarked that Rebel claimed a male actor would be "given an Oscar" rather than be trolled for transforming their body.

Sharon reacted to those words in a passionate exchange with co-hosts Carrie Ann Inaba, Amanda Kloots, Sheryl Underwood, and Elaine Welteroth, as seen in an Instagram video here.

In the clip, Sharon called the criticism "wrong" and said she had been in Rebel's shoes and understands how she must feel regarding people's commentary about her body transformation.

"The woman wanted to lose weight. She feels great. She looks great. She must be healthier. She must be happier and just leave her alone. Let her enjoy her achievement because it is a huge achievement. It's got nothing to do with her being funny or not. She's the same person. She has the same soul, the same brain and she will be the Rebel Wilson we all love. Don't be so rude. Leave people alone," she concluded.

Sharon shared her own experience with being heavier after the women spoke of Adele's body transformation in an episode taped earlier this year. The singer debuted the results of her hard work in early 2020.

Sharon had said, as reported by the Daily Mail, that she was once really, really big and she wasn't happy. Sharon explained that on the surface she was okay, but at night in bed was when she felt her worst.

She faced her own critics after undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 1999, reported The Mirror. She said that while the procedure helped with losing pounds, Sharon felt like a cheat. She dropped weight because she could not hold down any food.

The Talk host had the band removed in 2006 and would later find the Atkins diet a better fit for maintaining her goals, per The Mirror.

In the comments section of The Talk video, viewers reacted to Sharon's statements.

"It's always an unhappy person who will say something negative instead of rejoicing for the person's huge accomplishment. Sad but that's life. Unhappiness brings jealousy," penned one fan.

"You can't win. Either too big or too small. Who cares what other people have to say? Someone is always going to be talking," noted a second follower.

"I agree with all of you. Nobody has the right to speak about your journey, or mine, or anybody else's," wrote a third Instagram user.