Zayn Malik's 'Nobody Is Listening' Album Described As A Masterpiece By Fans After Mixed Reviews From Critics

It's been a hot minute since Zayn Malik released a new album. However, according to fans, the wait has been worth it. The former One Director member released his third studio LP, Nobody Is Listening, on Friday, January 15, and has been praised and named a "masterpiece" on social media. Music critics don't completely agree.

NME gave the album a three out of five rating, stating the record was meant for "intimacy and warmth" and described some parts as slightly disappointing. Evening Standard gave the same rating and said the song "When Love's Around" can "sit comfortably beside Frank Ocean and Syd's band The Internet as a maker of high quality, impeccably modern soul music." However, believed the album was full of "hazy" and "blurred textures."

The Independent didn't seem too pleased with the release and called the project "a blancmange of watered-down R&B" in their two-star review.

Despite the mixed reception from critics, Malik's loyal fanbase are very happy with the release and have expressed their thoughts via Twitter underneath the "NobodyIsListening" hashtag.

"THANK YOU ZAYN for this incredible album! River Road and Tightrope definitely found a special place in my heart! But let's be honest, the whole thing is a f*cking masterpiece! <33," one user tweeted.

"I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO TURN OFF @zaynmalik 's ALBUM SINCE IT DROPPED IS THAT A PROBLEM," another person shared in a tweet.

"#NobodyIsListening is frustratingly amazing. So much beauty in it. I can't handle it. I'm losing my sh*t," remarked a third account on Twitter.

"ZAYN THIS ALBUM HAS NO SKIPS OMFG," a fourth fan tweeted.

Earlier this week, Malik announced the full tracklisting on Instagram. Nobody Is Listening consists of 11 new songs and collaborations with Syd and British rapper Devlin.

Nobody Is Listening has proven to be an instant commercial success, topping the iTunes chart in 32 countries. In the U.K., it is currently sitting at No. 4.

The title of the LP is currently a trending topic on Twitter after it was mentioned over 192,000 times on the app.

The lead single, "Better," dropped last year has been watched more than 28.7 million times on his official YouTube channel. "Vibez," became his first song to be released for 2021.

In September of 2020, Malik's model girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, welcomed their first child. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the 25-year-old gave birth to a girl and shared an adorable black-and-white image of their daughter's tiny fingers gripping onto Malik's tattooed hand. Unsurprisingly, Hadid's post caught the attention of many and has racked up over 13.6 million likes to date.