Curvy Kelsie Jean Smeby Displays Her Cheeky Assets In Sizzling Update: 'Jean-ious'

Kelsie Jean Smeby took to her social media page on Thursday afternoon with a sultry pair of snaps that drove her 787,000 Instagram followers wild with desire. The model displayed her amazing physique in two outfits for which she credited the brand Guess Jeans, and nearly 5,000 fans double-tapped their screen by the end of that day.

In the first image, Kelsie wore a denim halter top with a low, revealing back, which was tucked into a pair of high-waisted pants with trimmed, ankle-length legs and a tight fit. Both pieces had a light wash, with an even paler blue across her derriere to accentuate the swell of her voluptuous cheeks.

She glammed-up the look with white, stiletto-heeled pumps and giant hoop earrings. Her long, brunette locks were parted off-center and styled in loose curls that fell all the way to her waist.

Kelsie's backside faced the camera as she gazed over her right shoulder with a smoldering expression and a small smile across her lips. She stood on her left leg and held her right ankle parallel with the other knee.

The subsequent photo was a three-quarter shot that captured most of her amazing figure head-on. She cocked her shapely hips and appeared to bend her left knee out to one side, creating a little triangle of negative space between her legs at the bottom of the cropped composition. Her right arm was relaxed against her body, and she brought her left hand up below her collarbone and grasped the collar of her button down shirt, which she had exchanged for the halter in the previous snap.

The front of the denim shirt was opened halfway down, revealing the alluring shadow of Kelsie's cleavage. It had a slim, tailored cut and seams that ran vertically down either side of her torso, emphasizing her slender waist in comparison to her lower body. The mid-length sleeves were rolled up just above her elbows.

She posed in front of a plain white backdrop that put all the focus on her gorgeous, stylish appearance. Large, pale shadows of her figure were cast upon it, indicating that the diffused light highlighting her striking features had been placed fairly close to the subject.

Kelsie's Instagram supporters flooded the comments section with praise for her killer look. Most chose to express themselves through strings of affectionate emoji, although some were happy to put their feelings into words.

"So beautiful!!!" exclaimed one fan.

"Super Cool Girl," declared a second person.