January 14, 2021
Kinsey Wolanski Does Wall Pushups And Spreads Her Legs In Skintight Leggings & Sports Bra

Kinsey Wolanski demonstrated her strength in a new TikTok video that she uploaded to the app on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old model and content creator rose to fame by streaking across the field during the 2018 Champions League final game, and she's kept her online audience entertained ever since with a mixture of racy photos and videos of herself performing various stunts and pranks. The social media sensation often displays her athletic prowess as well, and her latest TikTok share showed her executing a difficult upper body exercise with a slight twist.

Kinsey was clad in a bright red athletic set that included a sports bra with a racerback silhouette. The design was formed by the piece's skinny shoulder straps, which crossed in the back to create an X. The garment also featured a wide under-bust band for added support.

Her leggings were crafted out of the same smooth stretch fabric as her top. The material tightly clung to her curvy figure to show off the round shape of her pert posterior.

Kinsey's blond hair was pulled back in a practical low ponytail, but her exercise required her to be in an inverted position that made the length of her hair fall over the right side of her face. When the video began, she had her hands on the floor and the balls of her feet placed against a brown wall with a curved shape. It had a distinctive textured design with a geometric motif.

Her body was at angle that grew sharper as she walked her feet up the wall. Each time she did this, she also moved her hands forward. She then paused, bent her elbows, and slightly lowered her body to do a pushup. Kinsey performed three pushups before thrusting her chest forward a bit so that her belly was pressed against the wall. She finished the impressive physical feat by giving it her own added flair: she showed off her flexibility by spreading her legs wide apart.


In her caption, Kinsey revealed that the exercise was made more difficult by her latest sporty pursuit — she's recently taken up boxing, so her arms and shoulders were sore. So far, her efforts have been rewarded with over 4,000 likes.

"You are so athletic," wrote one fan in the comments section.

"Putting in work," another viewer chimed in.

"You are such an incredible athlete," read a third message. "You have been blessed with so many talents."

In a video montage that she shared on Instagram, Kinsey revealed a few of the many sports she has mastered, including soccer, football, swimming, surfing, and gymnastics.