‘Sports Illustrated’ Model Nina Agdal Flaunts Her Buns In Cheeky Bikini That She Rocked For A Beach Run

Nina got wet during her workout.

Nina Agdal attends as Saks celebrates new main floor
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Nina got wet during her workout.

Nina Agdal bared her buns while going for a run on a gorgeous beach, and she modeled her unusual workout wear in a series of snapshots that she shared with her 1.6 million followers on Wednesday.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model revealed that she experienced some “sunny rain” while she sweated it out in the sand. Her sun-kissed skin glistened with moisture in each of her four photos, and a few small droplets of water could be seen falling from the bright blue sky. A mixture of white and gray clouds drifted by in the background.

Nina, 28, posed a short distance away from the edge of the salty sea. On her opposite side, a natural rock formation created a low wall of layered slabs of stone. A few pieces of rock were also partially buried in the sand behind her.

Nina’s running apparel consisted of a revealing bikini from the Australian brand Bond-Eye Swimwear. She made sure to tag the label’s Instagram page. The eye-catching bathing suit was constructed out of crinkle stretch fabric that fit her toned body like a glove. Her top featured an ombre design that faded from electric purple to a darker shade of violet. The piece boasted a single shoulder silhouette with a bandeau bust that gave it a sporty look.

Her bottoms were a bold blue hue. They were an extra-cheeky style that left little of her pert posterior to the imagination, and the back’s curved cut enhanced her derrière’s peachy shape. The waist sat well below her bellybutton in the front, but it rose much higher in the back. On her feet, the model wore a pair of white socks and hot pink Nike sneakers with red laces. Her footwear sharply contrasted with her two-piece.

A powder blue Nike snapback kept Nina’s damp brunette waves out of her face. She wore the hat backwards and arranged her hair so that it spilled over her left shoulder. She accessorized with a chunky gold chain around her neck and a bangle on her left wrist.

Nina initially faced the camera while lifting her arms to cover her eyes. The pose accentuated the sculpted appearance of her flat stomach. She also flaunted her toned legs and thigh gap. In her second pic, her booty was angled toward the camera, and she was pictured tossing her hair back. This was followed by another front-facing photo, but she stood with a hip cocked and her legs further apart. The last image showed her from behind as she tugged on her bottoms.

“Somebody never skips leg day,” wrote one of her followers in response to her latest set of sexy bikini pics.

“Remember the buns of steel videos?” another message read.

“So sporty. Great muscle tone. Looking awesome,” added a third admirer.