WWE Bombshell Carmella Treats Her Social Media Followers To Cleavage-Baring Display In Glamorous Video

Kieran Fisher

WWE superstar Carmella plays a style icon on the company's television shows, but she also lives the part in real life. "The Princess of Staten Island" took to Instagram this week and treated her 2.8 million fans to a glamorous video, much to their delight. However, the Friday Night SmackDown standout assured her admirers that she comes before everyone else.

The clip featured a close-up shot of Carmella showing off her hair, earrings and bright red lips. She posed for her fans by stroking her blond locks, winking and parting her lips to show her sparkly teeth, the latter of which was the result of a special effect on her phone.

The close-up nature of the video also gave viewers a clear shot of the wrestler's nose ring, which would have been difficult to see from a distance due to how small it was. However, her long, silver, sparkly earrings were much less subtle as they dangled from Carmella's ears, impossible to ignore.

"The Princess of Staten Island" also wore a low-cut attire and showed off an ample amount of cleavage in the process. The outfit was a darker shade of purple, making for a stylish contrast to the brighter aspects of the blond bombshell's get-up.

Thousands of the wrestler's fans also flocked to the comments section to give her a compliment and let her know how much they enjoyed the post. Even though she plays a heel on the blue brand's weekly show, she's clearly a huge fan-favorite on social media.

"Carmella looking so incredibly SEXXXIE," wrote one Instagram user.

"THAT WINK AT THE ENDDDDDDD," gushed a second Instagrammer, who added some feel-good emojis to clarify their appreciation for the star.

Fellow WWE bombshell Natalya also made an appearance via her Instagram account to post a fire emoji.

While Carmella's latest dress-up session was to please herself, she has treated her boyfriend, Corey Graves, to a show in recent weeks as well. As The Inquisitr previously documented, the couple spent New Year's Eve in a hotel room looking fabulous. Carmella wore a skimpy dress for the occasion and danced for Graves while he recorded her on his phone.