Sarah Harris Flaunts Her Booty And Tan Lines In Thong Swimsuit While Showing Off Her Real Hair

Sarah asked her fans for their opinions on her hair length.

Sarah Harris takes a selfie.
Sarah Harris / Instagram

Sarah asked her fans for their opinions on her hair length.

Sarah Harris took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off her new hairstyle, but many of her 2.1 million followers had a tough time keeping their eyes from wandering down to her voluptuous derrière.

In her caption, the 27-year-old Kiwi model revealed that her photo showed the current length of her actual hair. She expressed excitement over how long it has gotten, revealing that she feared that its growth would be stunted by wearing extensions for years. Sarah’s true tresses were photographed from the back. Her sandy mane was blown out and straightened so that it looked silky and smooth. It was cut in long layers, with the longest part hitting right below her shoulder blades.

Her lustrous locks competed with her peachy posterior for attention. She had on a turquoise one-piece with a thong design that left most of her booty exposed. The skimpy seat also revealed a set of light tan lines from a different swimsuit. The garment’s back was cut low and wide, which revealed similar markings from a previous bikini top.

Sarah was pictured walking through the doorway of a glass sliding door. She was exiting an outdoor wooden deck and entering the living area of a residence. Her geotag identified the location of her pic as somewhere in her native New Zealand.

Sarah asked her fans for their opinions on whether they prefer her hair longer than it was in her photo, but a large number of her followers didn’t mention her mane at all when responding to her post in the comments section.

“That bum is banging,” read a message that included a few emoji, including a peach and a heart.

“Incredible sexy booty,” another admirer added.

Most of those who did respond to Sarah’s question seemed in agreement that her current extension-free hairstyle looks great.

“I love it this length, it looks so healthy too!” wrote one fan.

“Love the hair and what’s beneath it! Beautiful!” another commented.

The model’s post also earned over 5,000 likes, as well as a flood of various emoji from devotees who were rendered speechless by her sexy pic.

While Sarah’s latest social media share showed her from the back, another recent Instagram pic focused on her equally curvaceous front side. As reported by The Inquisitr, her online audience also left her scores of flattering comments after she shared a photo of herself rocking a mismatched bikini and tugging her top down.