Kourtney Reppert Shows Off Killer Curves In Patriotic Bikini

Kourtney Reppert poses for a selfie.
Kourtney Reppert / Instagram

Blond hottie Kourtney Reppert is known by her 1.5 million Instagram to come up with creative and sultry content. On Wednesday, she appeared to be feeling a bit patriotic in her latest Instagram update, as she rocked a stars-and-stripes bikini.

The top of Kourtney’s swimsuit featured a low-cut front that twisted in the middle. The underwire cups put plenty of her cleavage on display. One of the cups featured a blue fabric with white stars on it, and the other cup was white with red stripes. The bottoms had a low-rise front and high-cut legs. They were also blue with white stars and thin red straps on the sides.

Kourtney completed her look with a pair of strappy black stilettos.

The popular influencer wore her thick blond tresses parted in the middle and down in waves over her shoulders while sporting a pale polish on her long fingernails.

The model was outside near a swimming pool for the photo. The pool was surrounded by a pergola with an arc rain waterfall near the back. Sunlight from behind sparkled on the water.

Kourtney was on her knees with her toes dangling over the edge of the pool. With one hand on her waist and her other on her hip, she cocked one hip to the side. She raised one shoulder and flashed a fierce look with her lips parted. The pose gave her online audience a good look at her ample chest, flat abs and toned thighs. In the light, her skin looked smooth and flawless. Her hair caught the sunlight — an effect that gave the image a dreamy vibe.

Dozens of Kourtney’s fans were delighted with the snap, leaving behind flame emoji in the comments section. A few let her know what they thought in their own words.

“Oh my god the hottest woman on the planet kourtney reppert,” one Instagram user gushed.

“Beautiful princess so gorgeous,” a second admirer wrote, adding several emoji that included smiley faces and red hearts.

“Hot Sexy Gorgeous,” a third follower added, with several American flag emoji.

“Beautiful, very sexy girl,” a fourth comment read.

Last month, Kourtney shared a titillating snap with her online audience where she wore a revealing set of black lingerie. The top featured vertical rows that showcased plenty of skin. It also had thigh-high stockings attached to garter belts. She paired the number with matching lace panties. For an added dose of sex appeal, she pulled down the front of the garment, highlighting her cleavage.