Holly Sonders Shows Off Her Perky Booty And Goes Topless As She Teases She Never Skips Leg Day

Holly Sonders plays golf at the La Quinta Country Club
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Former Fox Sports personality Holly Sonders shared a titillating new snapshot via her Instagram page on Wednesday. She teased that she was tackling a leg-day workout, but her ensemble certainly signaled something entirely different.

Holly was photographed in a gym setting. The background was fairly dark, but a few pieces of equipment could be seen in the low lighting. She stood in front of an exercise bike and had one foot resting on a pedal.

The 33-year-old wore her long, brunette tresses in loose waves that tumbled down her back. She pulled her hair away from her face and fastened it behind her head, but left a few loose wisps free on either side.

The former golfer went with a rather risque ensemble for this photoshoot. Holly appeared to be topless and her curvy backside was only barely covered.

She faced the bike but stood at a slight angle. She placed one hand on the handlebars of the cycle, and that positioning happened to cover her bare, busty assets.

Rather than wear shorts or leggings signaling a desire for an intense exercise session, Holly went with something far more revealing.

She had a neon-pink piece of fabric around her waist, and it appeared that this may have been an excessively short skirt that she flipped up in the back to showcase her derriere. Fans who looked closely could also spot a glimpse of the thin, black straps of some thong panties.

Thigh-high black knit stockings with horizontal pink strips around the top covered Holly’s legs. Nike sneakers finished the look.

In her caption, Holly noted that her followers frequently ask her to share more workout content, so this is her way of providing an initial teaser of that. Several thousand “likes” and about 100 comments flooded in during the first hour after the golfer had initially uploaded this snap.

“Nice Peach,” one fan noted about her perky booty.

“Fitness at its finest,” another declared.

“Love your assets,” someone else raved.

“Beautiful energy,” a fourth user praised.

On Tuesday, Holly showed off her assets in an entirely different manner. She wore a skintight, red-hot, sexy catsuit as she paid tribute to pop singer Britney Spears’ iconic video for ‘Oops I Did it Again.’

That titillating pair of catsuit snaps received nearly 8,000 likes and 235 comments over the past day or so. As alluring as that setup may have been, Holly’s revealing workout look in this new upload seems likely to generate even more engagement from her 539,000 followers.