‘Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ Thylane Blondeau Shares Risque Topless Snaps

Thylane Blondeau attends a screening for 'Loveless (Nelyubov0'
Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

Once dubbed the “Most Beautiful Girl in the World,” model Thylane Blondeau sent her 3.8 million Instagram followers into a frenzy on Wednesday with her new post. The French beauty uploaded a series of four photos that showcased the 19-year-old stunner in some tantalizing ways.

The first photo that Thylane shared was in color. She had her hair styled in short messy waves that grazed the back of her neck. A few wisps obscured part of her face and short bangs could be spotted as well.

The background for this initial snapshot was a dark wall with large, ornate frames hanging above the classic wainscoting. Thylane turned toward the wall and looked down and over her right shoulder.

Thylane’s back was entirely exposed and she wore a gauzy, long white skirt on her lower half. She covered her bare chest with her arms and kept her torso turned toward the wall. The French model has a number of tattoos, with one on her upper back in view for this picture.

The second photo was far less risque. Thylane was fully covered up in a dark top and the black-and-white snapshot showed her looking off past the camera.

The third photo appeared to feature Thylane wearing the same ensemble as was seen in the initial snap. In this frame, she was lying on an upholstered piece of furniture and once more exposed her bare back. She kept her chest hidden by placing one bent arm along her torso and she gave the photographer an alluring look as she gazed back over her shoulder.

The last shot was an especially artistic one. It was a bit blurry and the dark tresses covered Thylane’s face. She held one hand to her shoulder and the picture was cropped above her exposed chest.

The model’s caption simply included a white dove emoji that held an olive branch in its mouth. Within a couple of hours, more than 45,000 likes and 200 comments poured in from the beauty’s admirers.

“Girl you look gorgeous,” one fan remarked.

“To this day… The most beautiful face,” another declared.

“Beautiful lovely queen,” a third user raved.

“Wow u look stunning,” someone else praised.

A couple of weeks ago, Thylane dazzled her millions of admirers with a simple bathroom selfie. An orange two-piece bathing suit highlighted her incredible figure and she flaunted her rock-hard abs. It was a simple, casual snap, but people clearly loved it. Ultimately, more than 112,000 showed their love for the revealing look by hitting the “like” button.