US Newspaper circulation down 4.7%

Circulation figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) shows an increasing decline in newspaper circulation in the United States.

According to the figures for the 6 months to September, national daily circulation dropped 4.6% to 38,165,848 copies, and Sunday papers dropped 4.8% to 43,631,646 copies.

According to E&P, for the September 2007 reporting period, daily circulation fell 2.6% and Sunday 4.6%.

The decline was not even, with some newspapers seeing declines in double digits, including The Boston Globe: 10.1%, The Philadelphia Inquirer 11.0% (Sunday 13.7%) The Daily News (Philadelphia): 13.2%, The Miami Herald: 11.8%, The Detroit News: 10%, The Houston Chronicle 11.6% (Sunday 15.7%), The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 13.6%, The Star Ledger (Newark, N.J.): 10.4% (Sunday 14.6%)

The only main newspapers to report increases in circulation were the The St. Paul Pioneer Press +0.2% and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday +0.8%. The USA Today was up less that 0.1%.

Of the majors, The New York Times dropped 3.5%, the Wall Street Journal was flat, The Washington Post dropped 1.9% and The Los Angeles Times dropped 5% daily.

(img credit: John McCrea)