Abby Dowse Leans Back With Her Legs Spread While Wearing Insanely Skimpy French-Cut Bodysuit

Abby Dowse clicks a selfie.
Abby Dowse / Instagram

Australian hottie Abby Dowse got pulses racing with her most recent Instagram update, in which she wore a tantalizing ensemble that left her 2.7 million followers wanting more. The blond fitness model sprawled on the edge of a bed in a provocative pose and gave the camera some serious sultry attitude. Nearly 12,000 followers hit the “like” button in the first hours after the post was uploaded.

Abby was dressed in a skimpy bodysuit with long sleeves and a low, scooped neckline. The bright, bubblegum-pink fabric popped against her tanned skin, and the phrase “baby girl” was printed just above her breasts in lower-case Blackletter font.

The sides of the garment were cut amazingly high — well over both hips and up past her rib cage, exposing a tempting amount of her shapely hips and slender waist. The faint edges of tan lines were visible leading from her belly across to the top of her backside.

Abby credited the brand Fashion Nova in the caption for her outfit and echoed the words written across her chest, adding a whimsical unicorn emoji and a duo of pink hearts.

She added to her alluring appearance by incorporating a pair of pale pink thigh-high socks with a small repeating heart pattern and little bows in the front, topped with black suede over-the-knee boots that laced with narrow cord all the way up.

Her long, platinum tresses looked messy in a sexy way, spilling over one shoulder and halfway down her back in loose waves. Shorter layers framed both sides of her face, partially concealing her smoldering gaze and full lips with shimmering blond tendrils.

Abby leaned back with arms extended behind her and her weight balanced between both palms. Her left leg was stretched out toward the camera, which was almost level with the mattress on which she posed and positioned at an upward angle. Her right knee was bent and caused her bare thigh to rise off of the bed, which was dressed in all-white linens and included a towering pile of pillows at the head.

Abby’s Instagram supporters couldn’t wait to give her adoring feedback for the social media share and flooded the comments section with words of praise as well as lots of affectionate emoji. The most popular in this case seemed to be pink hearts and flames.

“Insatiable beauty, awesome physique, scorching attraction A heartwarming look is the perfect square babe,” one fan ruminated.

“Where’s a jawdropping emoji when I need one,” a second person lamented, making do with the wide-eyed face and applauding hands.