Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny Asks Questions While Jason & Brick Face 'The Family'

Stacy Carey

During Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers promise more with Sonny and his amnesia. This week it was revealed that he did survive the fall from the bridge. As he tries to figure out who he is and where he belongs, SheKnows Soaps notes that Jason and Brick will deal with mob-related business in Port Charles.

Eddie, the man who found Sonny, helped as much as he could and insisted on heading to the emergency room. The General Hospital sneak peek for the January 13 episode reveals that Sonny will have a big question for the staff there. He will ask if anybody is looking for him.

As General Hospital viewers know, there have been plenty of people looking for him. Jason and Carly both spent quite a bit of time near where the bridge collapsed looking for him. The authorities were anxious to track him down too, as they quickly determined that Sonny had been there with Julian.

However, chances seem good that the staff at the ER won't realize who Sonny is or that there have been plenty of people looking for him. That might seem like a bit of a stretch, considering that this was a pretty big deal in the area. Despite that, all signs point toward Sonny remaining unaware of his identity for now.

As Sonny gets care at the ER, Jason will reach out to Brick for help. With Sonny gone, Jason needs to show strength so the other mob families in the area don't try to make any big moves. Cyrus is already an issue, and Jason certainly won't want to cede ground to any other adversaries.

The General Hospital sneak peek for the next show indicates that Jason will explain that "The Family" needs a favor. It seems that Brick will reply that's why he's there, and it has previously been shared that the two men will be working together.

At some point after this upcoming meeting, the two men will seemingly visit a storage unit together. General Hospital teasers signal that there may be a major surprise coming during this visit and fans will be anxious to learn more.

On the surface, Sonny having amnesia isn't necessarily a compelling soapy twist, as it is a frequently used soap opera challenge. Can the General Hospital writers come up with a way to differentiate this so that it will hook viewers and keep them coming back to see what's next? Everybody will see some developments play out on Wednesday and all signs point towards this taking a while to cross the finish line.