Holly Sonders Sizzles In A Britney Spears-Inspired Red Catsuit: 'Oops I Did It Again'

Former Fox Sports host Holly Sonders raised temperatures among her Instagram followers on Tuesday afternoon with a new pair of red-hot snapshots. The golfer and social media hottie did a photo shoot inspired by a Britney Spears video and her fans thought she absolutely nailed it.

In her caption, Holly signaled that this look was a take on Britney's "Oops!... I Did it Again" video from two decades ago. As sultry as the singer's original version was, Holly's certainly took the vibe to the next level and then some.

The pair of photos featured Holly wearing a vibrant red catsuit. It clung to every one of her curves and highlighted her incredibly fit physique.

In the initial photo, Holly faced the camera. She stood in an enclosed space that was illuminated with a few tube lights and it gave the impression of being a box.

She swept her long, brunette locks away from her face and held her tresses back with her hands. She maintained a serious expression on her face and stood with her feet shoulder-width apart.

The catsuit had a zipper down the front, although in the first snap, she had the bodysuit zipped up. She added black heels to complete the look.

The second photo was far more revealing. She sat on the floor and unzipped the garment nearly down to her navel. The open edges were carefully placed to cover the bare essentials and Holly gave everybody a titillating look at her busty assets.

Holly braced herself on one hand as she rested her opposite elbow on one knee. She sat with one leg folded in close to her booty and bent the other to rest the heel of her shoe on the floor.

"okay wait, this one is my absolute fave," one fan praised.

"That's a Bond Girl shot!" another declared.

The fire emoji popped up frequently throughout the comments section and fans loved this fiery-hot pair of shots. During the first hour after Holly had initially shared the new post, several thousand likes and about 100 comments came in from her 538,000 followers.

A couple of people incorporated references to other songs of Britney's. Another suggested that the golfer throw on a Wonder Woman costume to flaunt her confidence and killer figure.

"The best set so far!!!" a third user determined.

"Somebody grab a fire extinguisher; it's freaking HOT in here!!! DAMN," someone else raved.

A couple of days ago, Holly tantalized her followers with an exceptionally salacious snap. She wore a fishnet bodystocking and suggested that she never gets any days off.

That ensemble allowed Holly to flaunt her pert booty and more than 12,000 people hit the "like" button to show their enthusiasm for it.