Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity Cube: Contents Could Be Revealed On Day Of Next Xbox Reveal

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? experiment is expected to end this month, and there’s a chance the giant digital cube’s contents will be revealed on May 21.

That’s the same day Microsoft plans to unveil the next Xbox, but Molyneux says Curiosity has nothing to do with the forthcoming console.

For those yet to encounter Molyneux‘s brainchild, Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube? is a multiplayer social experiment. The “game” features a minimalist white room in the middle of which floats a giant cube made of billions of smaller cubes (“cubelets”) and white, floating text across each layer.

Players can tap the cubelets to dig through the surface of each layer and reveal the next layer below. The goal is to reach the center and to discover what is inside the cube. Molyneux has promised that the contents of the cube will change someone’s life.

What the cube’s secret won’t do is reveal anything about the new Xbox. Molyneux told Eurogamer:

“Tim [Rance, CTO] has done an analysis of probability and [May 21 is] where the probability comes out. It’s just pure luck! I suppose the conjecture of there being something to do with the Xbox in the middle would be on everyone’s minds…

“If I give any clues then the amazing fact that it hasn’t leaked out – because I’m just such a blabbermouth – it would be such a shame if that was the case.”

The Curiosity cube has been online since November 2012 and has been running for nearly half a year. Molyneux’s studio, 22 Cans, say only 50 layers remain. To celebrate, the company released the video below.

The Curiosity experiment has been lauded and criticized in near-equal measure since it first appeared, yet there seems to be no shortage of people happy to click away at Molyneux’s mysterious cube.