Iulia Valentina Enjoys The Sunny Weather In Sexy Sports Bra & Skintight Shorts

Iulia Valentina takes a selfie
Iulia Valentina / Instagram

Iulia Valentina wowed her 1.5 million followers with her latest Instagram post, which she shared to the social media platform on Monday, January 11. The Romanian model posted a two-photo update featuring herself wearing an ensemble that showed off her enviable curves.

Iulia rocked a scanty sports bra and body-hugging shorts. The brown top boasted a scoop neckline that sat low on her chest, showing an ample amount of her décolletage. The activewear had a snug fit on her perky bust that made her cleavage look more prominent, and the length of the garment allowed her to showcase her incredibly toned midsection. The thin straps that provided support clung to her shoulders and helped highlight her lean arms.

The cream bottoms that she sported hugged her body in all the right places. They were pretty short, with the hem reaching her upper thighs. The waistband hugged her tiny waist, almost obscuring her belly button from view, while the skintight piece helped emphasize her curvy hips.

Iulia took the steamy snapshots outdoors in a place that looked like a garden. The location was familiar to her avid online supporters as she often uses the area for photo shoot sessions.

The influencer could be seen lounging on a white hammock, dressed in her sportswear. In the first snap, she lay on her side with her thighs closed. The babe angled her body toward the camera and placed her arm on the fabric to help support her body. Her other hand touched the side of her bust as she looked straight into the camera. Sunlight hits parts of her skin, making it appear glowing.

In the second photo, Iulia slightly changed her pose. She leaned further to the side with her head tilted. She raised one of her hands to her head, possibly tucking some strands of hair behind her ear. She gazed at the lens, with her blue eyes looking dreamy in the shot. Lush greenery filled the background of the snaps.

Iulia kept her accessories minimal and only wore a pair of small hoop earrings in gold. As for her hairstyle, she parted her hair in the center and opted for a low bun. She left some tendrils down with the ends grazing her shoulder.

In the caption, the influencer shared that her ensemble came from the online retailer, Fashion Nova, and credited the brand via a tag.

The new share has earned plenty of praise from her eager fans, as many of them dived into the comments section to shower her with gushing messages and compliments. Fans hit the like button over 88,100 times and left more than 630 comments on the tantalizing post.

“First picture is definitely my favorite,” a fan wrote.

“Golden girl,” commented another follower.