Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason & Brick Search For Sonny While Carly Gets Snippy With Nikolas

Maurice Benard and Steve Burton star on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

During the week of January 11, General Hospital spoilers hint that Jason may face a significant surprise as he searches for Sonny. A new preview was shared Monday morning via Twitter and it signaled that there are a lot of major developments on the horizon.

Last week, Michael was told that the search for Sonny was shifting to recovery rather than rescue. Despite that, the mobster’s loved ones aren’t giving up on bringing him home.

The General Hospital preview reveals that Jason will connect with Brick to do some digging. They seemingly end up at a storage unit somewhere and cautiously raise the door as they hold their guns. The clip teases that a hidden secret might be revealed in connection with this.

Prior to that, SheKnows Soaps details that Jason will have a meeting with Brando. During Wednesday’s show, General Hospital teasers share that Jason and Brick will have a different meeting of some sort.

During the coming days, Ava will blindside Carly somehow. Could this perhaps be regarding custody of Avery? With Sonny gone, it certainly seems feasible that the little girl’s biological mother might demand a change in the family’s custody arrangement.

The General Hospital spoiler-filled preview reveals that at some point, Carly will lash out at Nikolas. She’ll tell him to stop acting high-and-mighty, and it seems quite possible that this comes in conjunction with Ava’s blindside.

There’s more with Ned’s secret regarding Alexis that shakes things up this week, and soon Olivia will turn to Sam for some help. Alexis is going to continue to struggle to pull herself together and General Hospital viewers will see Nina and Jax take a big step in their relationship.

Sasha will consider exposing Cyrus, but it may end up backfiring on her. Sam will do her best to hold firm in dealing with Cyrus, and that may spark an idea of sorts for Sasha.

General Hospital teasers indicate that TJ will lash out at Brando, surely over that fling with Molly. In addition, Jordan will try to smooth things over with Molly, and she may find that these efforts don’t go very well.

Laura will get Curtis up to speed and Tracy will have a chance to catch up with Finn. Willow will continue to waver in terms of choosing Michael or Chase, and the two men will cross paths with one another.

Viewers will also see Ava come quite close to revealing a major secret and Carly finds herself making a tough decision she might regret. General Hospital spoilers also detail that Cameron and Trina will spend time together, trying to decide something regarding Josslyn, and Olivia will turn to Robert for help.

All signs point toward some intense scenes ahead for General Hospital viewers and everybody will be anxious to see what’s next.