'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Guadagnino Shares Exciting News With Fans About Series With Mom Paola

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Vinny Guadagnino shared some exciting news with his fans regarding a series with his mother Paola. A show titled Vinny & Ma Eat America, which first aired in 2016, will be seen once again on Discovery +. The show, which combined Vinny's love for food and Paola's love for cooking, aired five years ago on the Food Network and only lasted eight episodes.

Vinny noted in a new Instagram post seen here, which also featured a trailer, that its entire season was now available on the aforementioned streaming service, which made its debut in early January.

In the caption to the post, Vinny wrote that the limited program was "magical" and joked to his 3.8 million followers that they loved his mom more then him.

Paola, who is regularly seen whipping up Italian delicacies on the MTV series, accompanied her son on a cross-country trip to try new foods as a way for Vinny to broaden his mother's culinary horizons.

He explained that the show was filmed during a time when Jersey Shore was not on the air and he felt that due to this, their food journey program did not get the ratings it deserved because his fans may have been unaware it existed. Vinny believed if the show aired today, it would gain more of a following.

Paola Giaimo and Vincent
Getty Images | Slaven Vlasic

He told his fans they should check out the eight-episode journey through the United States on the streaming service because he wanted as many people to enjoy Mamma Paola as possible.

In the accompanying clip, Paola's delectable Italian meals were seen along with a video of her extended family gathered around the table eating together.

"My ma is the best cook in our family," Vinny said. "The problem is all she cooks and eats is Italian."

"Why is that a problem, Vin?" she deadpanned.

Vinny shared that Paola emigrated from Sicily when she was 10 and spent her whole life caring for others and raising Vinny and his sisters, Antonella and Mariann, at their Staten Island home. She never traveled, so the premise was to take Paola out of the New York borough to visit other cities and eat their culinary specialties.

"Whattttt!!! Why am I only learning about this now!???" wrote one fan of the series.

"Your mom should make a cookbook," penned a second follower.

"Your mommy is a literal role model for me. When I think of the type of mom I want to be, she's on my shortlist," claimed a third Instagram user.