Bru Luccas Shakes Her Flawless Booty In Multiple Bathing Suits During Sizzling Video Compilation

Bru Luccas poses for a selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru Luccas looked absolutely incredible in her latest Instagram update on Sunday afternoon, which featured her dancing in a series of tantalizing video clips while showing off lots of bare skin. As demonstrated in multiple social media updates, the Brazilian fitness model knows how to enticingly shake her hips. The current compilation displayed some of her most jaw-dropping moves, which thrilled her 3.8 million followers.

Bru appropriately selected the track “Nonstop” by Drake to accompany the post, and giggled in the caption about the trio of throwback clips.

In the first section of the video, Bru wore a skimpy, one-piece bathing suit with a deep, plunging neckline that showcased a massive amount of cleavage. It featured a brightly-colored design of stacked diagonal strips of pink, navy, white, yellow, and pale blue that met in the center of the suit.

The lower portion of the garment was cut extremely high on either side of her hips and featured a thong backside that exposed all of her flawless booty, as well as distinct tan lines from a string bikini.

She wore round, wire-rimmed sunglasses with dark lenses and had her hair pulled up in a loose ponytail.

Bru shook her shapely hips and perfect buns as she danced slowly in a circle, flaunting all sides of her figure for the camera. She had a huge grin on her face, and at the very end, mouthed the words to the song while playfully pointing at the camera with both hands.

She continued the flirtatious attitude in the second part of the post, in which she wore a black string bikini that drew focus to her amazingly toned abdominal muscles.

In the last portion of the clip, she was in a skintight sundress and the camera zoomed close-up to focus on her gyrating derriere.

Bru’s post racked up over 143,000 likes in the hours after it was uploaded, and nearly 1,500 fans took to the comments section with praise her incredible rhythm and killer physique. The majority of the verbal comments were in Portuguese, and according to translation from Google, many of them referred to the model as “beautiful.” A few commented on her sense of humor.

“The most beautiful woman around the world…..!!” one fan exclaimed.

“Shorty would be fun as hell to party with,” a second person remarked.

“never stop dancing,” a third follower pleaded, adding several heart-eyes emoji to emphasize their request.

“#perfection #godisawoman #perfectbody,” a fourth fan hashtagged.

As is frequently the case, the section was also inundated with strings of various affectionate emoji, including applause, flames, heart-eyes, and drooling symbols.