Alexa Dellanos Practically Busts Out Of A Cut-Out Sports Bra With An Unusual Design

Alexa Dellanos snaps a selfie.
Alexa Dellanos / Instagram

Instagram model Alexa Dellanos took to her social media page on Sunday afternoon with a pair of snaps that enamored her 2.4 million followers. The busty beauty wore a sporty, skintight ensemble that exposed an enticing amount of bare skin, and teased in the caption that, although she was dressed to impress, she wasn’t planning on going out.

Over 3,700 fans hit the like button in just over five minutes after the post was uploaded, including friend and fellow influencer, Celeste Bright.

Alexa wore a three-piece outfit featuring a combination of pale pink, waffled fabric and a finely-pinstriped knit material in light shades of orange.

Her tiny, ultra-revealing sports bra made her rounded breasts the unavoidable focus of the images, followed by the tantalizing swell of her hips in comparison to her slender waist. Alexa’s chest was barely contained by the garment, which was designed with huge cut-outs and two strips of fabric that criss-crossed over and then beneath each breast, covering only the most necessary bits.

She topped the bra with a matching jacket lined with a textured orange material. It had extra-long sleeves and a cropped hem that left many inches of her toned abdominal muscles on display. Her leggings had a high waistband that encircled her midsection just below her navel and continued the same blend of patterns and textures.

Alexa also wore a pink canvas bucket hat over her long, blond tresses, which spilled over both shoulders.

In the first image, she posed sitting on a long lounge with white upholstery. She leaned back on one hand, and brought the other up near her decolletage.

A vibrantly-colored Keith Haring image was hung on the wall behind her.

Alexa’s Instagram followers were crazy about the update, and eagerly flooded the comments section with praise for the gorgeous blonde. Most fans elected to express their feelings using combinations of affectionate emoji such as flames and hearts, although the color of her outfit also seemed to inspire an unusual multitude of peaches. Others put their adoration into words.

“Hello beautiful you look amazing. I am just wondering but where are you from?” one fan inquired of the American model.

“Damn what a hottie,” a second person remarked.

“you deserve someone like me,” a third supporter declared, tagging Alexa and adding crying-face and heart-eyes emoji for emphasis.

“You are the charismatic gorgeous woman on this planet and one lucky gentleman is beyond lucky to be in the same room as you!” a fourth fan gushed.

Several people also inquired where she had gotten her attire.