Gabby Epstein & Madi Edwards Pose With A Furry Friend In Skimpy Lingerie

Model/influencer Gabby Epstein attends the HiSmileTooth Whitening Party in 2018.
Jono Searle / Getty Images

Model/influencer Gabby Epstein returned to Instagram on Sunday afternoon with another in a long line of steamy lingerie snapshots. This time, though, the 26-year-old raised her game by offering something not seen in recent updates.

Instead of keeping the spotlight solely on herself, Epstein shared the frame with a friend that was equally adept at enthralling the masses with her own sensuous physique. Namely, fellow Aussie Madi Edwards, who did her best to match her cohort’s incredible allure with an ultra-revealing ensemble of her own.

The tempting twosome wasn’t alone, as Epstein and Edwards were joined in the photo by a playful dog called Koda.

In the accompanying caption, Epstein joked that the two women were there simply to photobomb their furry friend. Nevertheless, they owned the frame with a stunning display of their bombshell curves and thirst-inducing assets.

Fans wasted little time in responding to the sexy share, collectively double-tapping it more than 25,000 times in little more than an hour after it had gone live. Moreover, they bombarded the comments section with declarations of love and virtual catcalls.

“You and dogs makes for the perfect photo [heart eyes emoji],” opined one smitten supporter.

“Such a little stud,” wrote a second follower in reference to Koda. “He has no idea HOW lucky he is.”

“Always so glamorous and very sexy,” commented another admirer, who further referred to Epstein as an “Aussie angel.”

“Nice picture. A happy dog with two beautiful kitties,” added a fourth fan.

The women stood before a large stairway that appeared to be composed of marble steps. Its beige and cream hues provided a noticeable contrast to their slender, sun-kissed frames and bright lingerie sets.

Rather than look toward the camera, they appeared to be thoroughly distracted by Koda as the picture was snapped. With wide, toothy smiles on their faces and eyes affixed to the impressive, golden-maned creature, they joined together in grasping its paw as if to shake hands.

Epstein was sporting an emerald green ensemble that was lacy in nature and covered little beyond her NSFW zones. Her bra plunged to the point that her cleavage was impossible to ignore in the center of the frame.

Edwards, meanwhile, was wearing a white set that was less showy, but just as skimpy as Epstein’s. Although she was captured from the side with her hair draping over her bustline, the divide between her perky breasts was just as visible.

Both models’ panties were of the high-waisted variety, which did well to accentuate their slender, yet shapely midsections.

In an earlier update, Epstein raised temperatures with a picture that showed her sticking her tongue out while rocking a cropped, corset-style bustier and panties.