Ashley Resch Flaunts Sideboob & Backside In Nothing But A Thong: ‘Self Explanatory’

Ashley Resch poses for a selfie on Instagram.
Ashley Resch / Instagram

Ashley Resch decided to let a sexy photo of her backside do the talking in an Instagram post on Sunday and her fans seemed to appreciate her sentiment.

The hot shot received a lot of attention, with more than 8,860 users hitting the like button. Her fans got vocal, too, with nearly 150 of them taking the time to compose a reply, commenting on her efforts. Throughout the comments, several users chose the flame emoji as a visual representation of their thoughts on the skimpy outfit and the model’s body.

“Oh, dear God, Ash! I love this! You are so far ahead of the game, girl. Just perfect,” enthused one devotee, along with a red heart.

“Dior, baby. You are blessing my feed every single day. You can bet on that. Keep up the good work, you beautiful woman,” a second follower wrote, including a rose, tulip, and lips with their message.

“Oh, this is fire! Your body is absolute goals. I love your content. I can’t think of one bad thing on your page,” gushed a third user, who added winking and heart-kiss smiley to their words.

“You’re beautiful and attractive. What a sweet piece of cake you are, Ashley. You are so freaking hot, and every single inch of your body is perfect. You’re the hottest woman in the whole world,” admired a fourth fan, including a globe emoji with their comment.

Ashley posed next to a white cinderblock wall in the photograph. She raised one arm high and placed it against the wall, revealing her light-colored manicure and exposing her forearm tattoo. She used her other arm to wrap across her breast, protecting her modesty while leaving a generous glimpse of her sideboob visible and showcasing a bit of ink on her tricep.

The model wore a deep red thong that revealed the entirety of her pert backside and featured a waistband that encircled her slender midsection right above her curvy hips, bisecting her intricate tattoo. The narrow strip of fabric disappeared past her lower back as her buttocks encased it.

Ashley accessorized with a printed Dior scarf that she tied around her long golden hair. The ends hung down her to her inked thigh and fell across her mid-back in gentle, layered waves. She had on dark sunglasses, which she wore on the tip of her nose, and looked over the top of them to stare back over her shoulder into the lens. She held her full lips slightly open with a sensual look.