Camila Bernal Hits The Links In Latex Pants & Skintight Top

Model Camila Bernal poses for a selfie.
Camila Bernal / Instagram

Buxom bombshell Camila Bernal is well-known for putting the spotlight on her ample attributes. The Bogota, Colombia-born model and influencer did so once again in spectacular fashion with her latest social media share.

On Sunday, Bernal bolstered her tempting Instagram timeline with a visual delight for her 1.5 million followers — a sultry slideshow that found her flaunting her round derrière and sinuous figure in skintight duds while taking in the picturesque scenery at a golf course.

The 23-year-old captioned her sexy spread by imploring her admirers to “enjoy the moment,” something she seemed to be doing in the uploaded photos. Her followers appeared to be taking her advice, too, as the comments section was inundated with people who seemed to be getting plenty of enjoyment out of her alluring snapshots.

“You really the baddest in da game 2021,” one devotee declared. “Damn love [heart emoji].”

“Is your name Early Grey? Because you look like a hot-tea! [heart eyes emoji],” joked a second supporter, prompting an amused response from Bernal.

“Truly God’s gift to Earth,” a third follower raved.

In addition to the outpouring of support in the comments, fans further showed their approval for the photos by double-tapping them to the tune of 8,000-plus likes in little more than an hour’s time.

In the first slide, Bernal was snapped from behind with one foot perched upon a parked golf cart as she peered through the vehicle to survey her surroundings. In the background, a breathtaking view of the course and an impressive range of mountains teeming with green vegetation could be seen. Above her, an otherwise blue sky was filled with large white clouds.

While it was definitely a sight to behold, Bernal still managed to own the frame with a provocative presentation of her incredible curves, which were seemingly enhanced by the way in which she propped her leg.

She wore a long-sleeved, charcoal-hued top that seemed to meld with her torso. Although she was turned away from the camera, one of her perky breasts could be seen on the right side. All the while, her posterior and thick thighs were ably accentuated by her black latex pants, which were nearly as tight-fitting as her top.

The second snap featured a side-view shot taken with Bernal in closer proximity to the camera. She appeared to be smiling as she rested a hand upon her ample bosom while gazing upon the stunning landscape. Her booty continued to protrude impressively and its size and shape were both well-evidenced as a result of the camera’s angle.

This is hardly the first time Bernal has shown off her ample figure on social media. In an earlier update, she teased her followers with a slow-motion twirl while wearing a bikini.