WWE Superstar Billie Kay Shows Off Rock-Hard Abs In Tiny Top And Unzipped Jeans

Former WWE women's tag team champion Billie Kay is quickly becoming an Instagram maven, igniting her timeline with eye-popping pictures on a regular basis. On Sunday, the statuesque 31-year-old did so once again with a wide-angle shot that was sure to impress her 1.2 million followers.

In the photo, Kay -- whose real name is Jessica McKay -- was snapped wearing a tiny crop top that excelled in accentuating her ample bosom and a pair off unzipped stonewash jeans. The ensemble allowed for an impressive display of her rock-hard abs.

Kay stood on a path covered with fallen leaves, branches and dried-out grass with two large pillars and a black iron gate behind her. To either side of her, overgrown grass, palm trees and other vegetation filled the frame.

The Aussie bombshell credited Los Angeles-based photographer Ashlee Krutzfeldt for the stunning imagery in the accompanying caption. She also offered a shout-out to makeup artist Karen Perez, who has worked extensively with the women of WWE. Finally, she alluded to having been through a lot, but finding herself "still standing" in spite of the adversity.

Fans double-tapped the sexy share over 10,000 times in under 30 minutes. They further expressed their admiration with a flurry of positive replies in the comments section.

"Is being smokin hot on your résumé?!" asked one admirer, who emphasized their appreciation with a slew of emoji.

"You're awesome, Billie/Jessica," a second devotee declared. "Your efforts on SD are mind-blowing. [fire emoji]"

"You look absolutely gorgeous," opined a third user, who also referred to Kay as "my champion."

"Beautiful, talented, funny as hell. WWE needs to use you more. Creative needs to remove their head..." a fourth follower added.

Kay was captured standing confidently in the shot with her eyes piercing the camera and her thumbs tucked into her unzipped pants at her hips. The raven-haired beauty's luscious locks were pulled tightly into a high ponytail from which they extended out in waves, draping over her shoulders, arms and bust.

Her tiny top was bright white and appeared to mask a second, darker top beneath it. In addition to conforming to her sizable assets, the garment left her tummy bare, allowing for the aforementioned showing of her defined musculature, as well as her pierced navel.

The Sydney native completed the look with skintight jeans that were shredded along the knees and a pair of black stiletto heels.

This is hardly the first time Kay has taken to social media to show off her body. A handful of days earlier, she flaunted her legs and cleavage in a miniskirt and tank top while celebrating her "greatness."