WWE News: Daniel Bryan Shares His List Of Dream Opponents

Daniel Bryan celebrates title victory

Citing a recent interview with BT Sports, Sportskeeda noted that Daniel Bryan has revealed his list of WWE dream opponents. While he’s faced some of them in the past, he believes that they could do a lot more if given the chance to face off again.

According to Bryan, he’d like to face a number of superstars on the current roster. The two he mentioned at the top of his list were Ricochet and Apollo Crews, both of whom he described as “infinitely talented” due to the things they can do with their bodies.

Bryan having a program with either superstar could be beneficial to them as well. While Crews has received somewhat of a push in recent months, Ricochet recently talked about feeling disappointed with his current position in the company. This has led to the talented performer feeling unhappy about the way his career is going.

Bryan went on to say that he’s keen to have a program with Shinsuke Nakamura. The veteran also stated that he wants to “get stuck in” with the Japanese superstar, suggesting that he wants a meaty storyline with the former United States Champion.

The 39-year-old wasn’t finished there, however. The superstar continued by revealing that he’d like to have a match with a former World Champion and two members from one of the most notable families in the company at the moment.

“There’s any young talent, any new challenges. I mean, I would love… we’ve had matches here in WWE but we’ve never had one that’s, like, never really built into a big match, is Seth Rollins, you know? I’d love it, just because he was a hero of mine, I’d love to do a match with Rey Mysterio. I’d love to work with his son!”

Mysterio’s “son” that Bryan mentioned is none other than Dominik, who made his main roster debut last year. The young star has come a long way during that short time, garnering praise from the likes of Rollins and other notable figures within the promotion. Bryan’s words suggest that he’s a fan of Dominik as well.

Bryan will be keen to get through this list of opponents in the near future. As The Inquisitr previously noted, the veteran intends to take a step back from in-ring competition when his current deal expires. He has stated that he’ll probably move into a part-time wrestling role after his contract runs out, and he’s also shown an interest in working behind the scenes as a writer.