Jade Grobler Poses In A White Sports Bra & Gray Shorts

Jade Grobler wowed her 1.1 million followers with her latest Instagram post, which she shared to the social media platform on Saturday, January 9. The hot social media star posted a three-photo update featuring her wearing an ensemble that showed off her enviable curves.

Jade rocked a sports bra and body-hugging shorts. The white top boasted a scoop neckline that sat low on her chest, showing an ample amount of her décolletage. The activewear had a snug fit on her perky bust that made her cleavage look more prominent, and the length of the garment allowed her to showcase her abs and flat tummy. The thin straps that provided support clung to her shoulders and helped highlight her lean arms.

The gray bottoms that she sported hugged her body in all the right places. They were pretty short, with the hem reaching her upper thighs. The waistband hugged her tiny waist, almost obscuring her belly button from view, while the skintight piece helped emphasize the curves of her hips.

Jade took the steamy snapshots inside her home in Brisbane, as the geotag noted. She chose her bedroom for a more intimate setting. The model made use of her phone's front camera to take selfies, placing the mobile device in front of her as she took advantage of the self-timer feature.

In the first photo, she sat on the bed and occupied the middle of the frame. She slightly tilted her head to the side as she gazed at the screen. The babe had a sultry expression with her lips parted.

In the second snap, she leaned closer to the camera and offered a big smile that showed her pearly whites. This time, she occupied mostly one side of the frame. The third pic featured Jade sitting upright and glancing to the side.

Jade wore her favorite necklace as her accessory. She left her blond locks untied, and the long strands were mostly straight and fell over her shoulders, with the rest cascading down her back.

In the caption, the influencer explained how and why she took the pictures and added emoji.

The new share has earned plenty of praise from her eager online supporters, as many of them dived into the comments section to shower her with gushing messages and compliments. Fans hit the like button over 25,500 times and left more than 330 comments on the tantalizing post.

"Your body is made of 70% water, and I am thirsty," one of her fans wrote.

"You are making me speechless. You are so pretty," gushed another admirer.

"Are you like naturally photogenic? You look so good in all of these pictures," a third follower commented.