Lingerie Model Vivi Castrillon Poses With Her Legs Apart And Caresses Herself With A Peacock Feather

Vivi Castrillon snaps a selfie.
Vivi Castrillon / Instagram

Vivi Castrillon thrilled her 3.8 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Saturday afternoon. The stunning Colombian model dressed in a racy ensemble for which she credited her own company, VC Dreams Luxury Lingerie, based out of Bogota. The post racked up over 4,200 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Vivi wore a black lace bra-and-panty set adorned with an array of additional thin fabric detailing that further accentuated her enviable physique. The bra had skimpy triangle cups and a pair of narrow straps that attached in the center of the bra between her cleavage and outlined the upper curve of each breast in a semi-circle.

Two more sets of elastic straps were sewn with even spacing onto the band encircling her rib cage, forming double Xs across her midsection and drawing attention to her slender waist and defined abdominal muscles. The small jewelry in her pierced navel matched the rest of her attire.

The top of the sheer lace panties was visible and the rest of Vivi’s lower body was cut off by the framing of the photograph. She sat in a simple wooden chair, facing the camera with her knees spread wide apart. Her left palm rested on the corresponding knee, displaying her short, mauve-colored manicure.

Her upper right arm relaxed near her torso, and she gently grasped the middle of a long peacock feather, which she held near her breast. Most of the silky barbs were a supple tan shade almost the same color as her hair, with the exception of the brilliant blue and green in the eye at the very end.

Vivi closed her eyes seductively and threw her head back, letting the feathery tips slide against her face and delicately caress her high cheekbone and strong jawline. She reminded fans in the caption that, in order to enjoy physical sensation to the utmost, one must pay attention to and utilize all five senses.

She appeared to be posing on an outdoor patio, in front of a pair of framed glass doors through which a portion of a brightly colored painting and some indistinguishable furniture could be seen.

Vivi’s Instagram followers couldn’t get enough of the Miss Playboy TV Latin America, and they flooded the comments section with adoration for her killer appearance. She sweetly responded to many of them.

“You’re so beautiful,” one fan declared, emphasizing their statement with multiple heart-eyes, heart, and rose emoji.

“Thank you sweetie,” Vivi replied, with a kiss symbol at the end.