Carmen Electra, 48, Slays In A Spiked Collar And Ripped T-Shirt On Instagram

Carmen Electra looked stunning — and arguably more than 20 years younger than her actual age – in her most recent social media post, which she uploaded on Saturday. She displayed a glamorous appearance combined with a punk-rock vibe that thrilled her 1.2 million Instagram followers. Over 8,000 fans double-tapped their screens in just one hour, including fitness model Holly Barker.

Carmen added several tags in the caption, including one linking to her long-time friend and ex-husband, musician Dave Navarro. She proudly remarked that she was happy to help support Dual Diagnosis, his project with Los Angeles-based street artist Padhia. As described on the brand's Instagram page, the two endeavor to create "a unifying movement for the DIFFERENT ONES." Dave also personally reposted Carmen's share, further explaining that the project includes "apparel, fine art, installations and mental health awareness movement."

Carmen modeled an oversized black T-shirt from the company. It featured cuffed sleeves embellished with evenly spaced safety pins and a horizontal tear below the collar that was also adorned with a trio of the silver pins. The wide neckline draped low and was slightly offset due to the loose fit of the shirt, which exposed a bit of her décolletage. The words "Insanity is its own cure" were printed across the front of the garment in scribbled, seemingly handwritten letters that had been frenetically traced and retraced. A smattering of asymmetrical dots surrounded the phrase, as if ink had been splattered on the surface during the process of penning it.

Carmen also wore a wide leather choker studded with a single row of silver spikes and an O-ring attached in the center. A pair of huge diamond stud earrings completed the accessories.

She parted her blond locks in the center and slicked them back into a braid at the nape of her neck, which she pulled over her right shoulder. Her already lengthy hair was made even longer with the help of an extension and the tail draped across her bust and all the way down to her waist.

She stood facing the camera at a slight angle, with her chin dropped, one shoulder much higher than the other, and her arms relaxed at her sides. The positioning of her body indicated that she was standing with her hands in the front pockets of a pair of pants, although her lower half was not visible in the snap.

Carmen's crystal blue eyes and bright lips were hypnotizing and a diffused light beautifully accentuated her striking bone structure.