Sunny Hostin Reveals Both In-Laws Have Died Of COVID-19 In A Heartbreaking Moment On ‘The View’

Sunny Hostin is a co-host on ABC’s “The View.”
Heidi Gutman / ABC

The View host Sunny Hostin revealed in a heartbreaking moment during the Friday, January 8, episode of the ABC daytime talk series that both of her in-laws have died of COVID-19.

Her husband Manny’s parents, Dr. Maria Jesus and Dr. A. Emmanuel, passed within three days of one another. Manny lost his father on December 28 and his mother on New Year’s Day.

Although she had not spoken of the tragedy that occurred prior to the hosts’ return to the series on January 4, after careful discussion with her physician husband, Sunny decided it was time to disclose this information.

“After speaking with Manny, he felt that from a public health standpoint that it was very important for me to share the news,” Sunny stated in a video clip posted by the show seen below.

Sunny explained that both her in-laws were physicians and were very careful in their attempt to limit their exposure to the virus. Even though contract tracing was used, the family still does not know how her in-laws contracted COVID-19.

She shared that her clan did not celebrate the holidays with their brood.

In the clip, Sunny said she and her family were able to FaceTime with Manny’s parents “while they were passing away” and stressed to viewers that this virus is very serious and is “not a joke or a hoax.”

Sunny thanked her View family, including Whoopi Goldberg, “for sending so much food for several weeks.” She expressed her love for Ana Navarro, who shared her own experiences with COVID after her spouse Al battled it in late 2020. Sunny thanked Meghan McCain for her gift of distraction with lots of pop culture news and bourbon, which she said was her husband’s “best condolence gift.” She also thanked Joy Behar for all her calls and humor to lighten Sunny’s emotional load.

She concluded her statement by calling the virus “devastating.”

Sunny revealed that while her spouse, children Gabriel and Paloma, and Manny’s siblings Helen and Carlos were in deep grief, they wanted everyone to know that even if a person may think they are healthy and won’t be impacted, they could be an asymptomatic carrier and put someone they love at risk. She begged viewers to continue to social distance, wear a mask, and wash their hands.

Those who sent their condolences were former View host Jedidiah Bilah, actress Sharon Stone, actor Ken Jeong, and singer Michelle Williams.

Viewers of the series were shocked at the news. They shared their remarks in the comments section of the post.

“My condolences to you and yours. It saddens me to hear what you’ve experienced in such close proximity,” wrote one follower.

“Peace be with you. You are obviously strong to go through this and still be present at your job and moving forward,” penned a second fan.

“No words can express, your grace through this is proof that we’re not alone and God with us,” exclaimed a third Instagram user.