Alexa Dellanos Takes A Chilly Dip In A Pool While Wearing Skimpy, Cleavage-Bearing Bikini

Shawna Cory

Alexa Dellanos gave her 2.4 million Instagram followers the cold shoulder on Friday – but not in an impolite way. The curvy social media model posted a snap of herself partially submerged in a swimming pool and indicated by using an expressive emoji in the caption that the water was less inviting than it appeared.

Alexa's appearance, however, definitely piqued the interest of fans. The image racked up over 21,000 likes in just one hour, including one from fellow influencer Lyna Perez.

Alexa wore a simple black bikini that beautifully flattered her ample assets. Her voluptuous breasts were barely contained by the top of the suit, which featured a low scooped neckline and spaghetti straps tied behind her neck in a halter style.

The matching bottoms were joined together by straps of a similar width, but the ends of the strings widened considerably to create large bows at the sides of her shapely hips.

She accessorized with a simple gold band encircling her left wrist and a sparkling silver chain around her neck on which a pendant with a large, white stone was suspended.

Alexa's remarkably long blond mane was wet and messily parted in the center. It looked like sunshine had begun to dry the hair around the crown of her head, but the lower section grazing the top of her backside was still soaking.

She posed on a blue-and-white tiled ledge that seemingly separated two adjoining swimming pools from one another. The small pool behind her was lined with a series of white chaise lounges and a few private cabanas.

Alexa sat with her knees together and her lower legs in the water, toes resting on the tiled bench below her. She extended both arms down at her sides and steadied her balance with her hands.

Her back was arched, emphasizing the distinct juxtaposition between her narrow waist and the alluring swell of her hips and derrière. The pose also drew attention to the sculpted vertical lines running up either side of her muscular abdomen.

Alexa's Instagram supporters responded to the post with praise and affection for her stunning appearance in the comments section, primarily with series of adoring emoji. Many of those who elected to put their feelings into words called her "beautiful" and "gorgeous" in multiple languages.