Michael Cohen Says Donald Trump Is ‘Psychotic’ & Would Rather ‘Burn Down’ The White House Than Leave

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney and fixer, arrives at federal court for his sentencing hearing, December 12, 2018 in New York City.
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images

During an appearance on The New Abnormal podcast by The Daily Beast editors Molly Jong-Fast and Rick Wilson, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, sounded the alarm on the U.S. leader’s mental state in the wake of the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday.

“I am certain that Donald Trump is psychotic right now,” he said.

According to Cohen, Trump was planning a coup from day one and always wanted to stay in power indefinitely like Russian leader Vladimir Putin, whom he has long expressed admiration for.

“Donald Trump would rather burn down the White House, then turn over the keys.”

Cohen believes that the storming of Capitol Hill was fueled by Trump and his supporters, who gathered at a rally nearby before the Republican ordered a march on the structure that quickly turned to riots. Although the disbarred lawyer admitted that he, too, enabled the U.S. leader in the past, he suggested that his actions were nowhere near the level of those who supported Wednesday’s chaos.

“I did work for him. And what did I do? I paid $130,000, you know, to keep quiet. The fact that the president got his pecker pulled by a porn star, seriously? And you want to compare that to the seditious acts of these Proud Boys, of the Wolverine Watchmen and all these other crazy groups? You can’t compare the two.”

U.S. President Donald Trump stops to speak to reporters as he prepared to board Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House on January 19, 2019 in Washington, DC.
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Cohen’s comments on Trump’s mental state echo former Trump official Omarosa Manigault Newman, who claimed that the president is experiencing a psychotic episode due to his electoral defeat. The former Apprentice contestant argued that his arrogance and ego are preventing him from accepting that he will not remain in the White House. She also claimed that he is attempting to create a moment in the same way he did while on the hit reality television show.

According to The New York Times, Trump watched television coverage of the rioters invading the Capitol in enjoyment.

“The president had appeared to White House aides to be enjoying watching the scenes play out on television,” the report said.

The publication claimed that the U.S. chief initially refused to take action to stop the attacks before White House counsel Pat A. Cipollone warned him that he could face legal action for his role in the event.

Concerns over Trump’s mental state have sparked calls to remove him from office via impeachment and the 25th Amendment. Per The New York Times, Mike Pence is opposed to invoking the legislation to remove the commander-in-chief from the White House.