Seven Americans Killed In Afghanistan’s Bagram Plane Crash [Video]

Seven Americans were killed in Afghanistan during a cargo plane crash at Bagram airfield.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, just a week ago the air base based in Afghanistan was a place of fun when Batman did a safety video at Bagram airfield. The Bagram plan crash videos shows how the seven Americans were killed.

The Boeing 747-400 cargo plane, which was owned by a civilian American company, was carrying seven Americans who were killed in the crash. The Taliban claimed responsibility for downing the cargo plane, but these reports are currently considered to be “false” by NATO, which did not detect any insurgent activity in the area.

If you watch the video seen below, the cargo plane ascends at a very sharp angle before stalling out and nosediving towards the ground. The cargo plane was carrying vehicles and other cargo at the time. The crew reported a shift in the cargo during takeoff, which may have caused the plane to ascend at a dangerous angle.

The seven Americans killed in the Bagram crash include pilots Brad Hasler of Trenton, Michigan and Jeremy Lipka of Brooklyn, Michigan; first officers Jamie Brokaw of Monroe, Michigan and Rinku Summan of Canton, Michigan; loadmaster Michael Sheets of Ypsilanti, Michigan; and maintenance crewman Timothy Garrett of Louisville, Kentucky.

Eric Weiss, a spokesman with the National Transportation Safety Board, said investigators would be assisting Afghan authorities in the crash investigation in order to determined how the seven Americans were killed.

With seven Americans killed in the Bagram plane crash, what do you think should be done about the situation in Afghanistan?