'General Hospital' Schedule Shift & Spoilers: ABC Pushes Wednesday's Show To Thursday Due To News Coverage

Wednesday's of General Hospital did not ultimately air as had been expected. Luckily, viewers will not have to worry about having missed any of the drama that was set to play out throughout Port Charles though.

For much of the country, the first 15 minutes or so of Wednesday's episode was preempted due to news coverage. ABC did shift back to the action already in progress, but that only lasted a few minutes. News coverage due to the issues playing out in Washington D.C. took priority and the network remained with that coverage throughout the rest of the hour.

Rather than leave General Hospital fans hanging regarding what was slated to air on January 6, a message was soon shared via the show's Twitter page. Due to the interruptions and preemption, ABC will broadcast it in full on Thursday instead.

That update came as a welcome relief for General Hospital viewers. Often, people get quite vocal and frustrated when they miss out on the soapy action because of news interruptions. However, some acknowledged that it was necessary this time.

"May be the first #GH preemption I've agree with in many many years," one person tweeted.

As General Hospital spoilers had previously teased, Martin and Valentin would have words while meeting at the Metro Court. In addition, an update regarding Ryan's condition was set to be shared with Laura, Ava, and others.

A few tidbits of those situations did air on Wednesday, but General Hospital fans will be able to watch the full episode from start to finish on Thursday. Subsequent episodes will then be pushed out a day.

"Good, don't want to miss a moment!" a second fan tweeted about the move.

As some people pointed out, those in Canada likely saw the entire hour of drama. Some noted they'd have liked to just post the episode online via ABC and Hulu rather than push things out by a day. Quite a few others, however, seemed grateful and pleased with this plan.

"Thank you, its not every day we get Laura, Kevin, Ava, & Nick in scenes together," noted someone else glad to know they won't miss the jam-packed show.

"Thanks, in the big picture, it doesn't matter, but small picture, it's nice to know," detailed another person.

General Hospital fans will be anxious to see if the situation in Washington, D.C. calms down heading into Thursday so that the network can go back to airing the show as planned. As many noted, things are really getting good with a number of storylines, and soap supporters hate to miss any of the action.