Rachel Ward Flaunts Her Flawless Figure In A Chic Ensemble

Blond beauty Rachel Ward thrilled her 622,000 Instagram followers with her latest share, a stunning duo of snaps taken in a neutral spot that allowed her beauty to shine. The photos were captured in Manchester, as the geotag indicated, and Rachel perched in an upholstered white chair in the corner of a simple room with pale gray carpeting and white walls.

She rocked an ensemble from the brand Oh Polly, and she made sure to tag the company's own Instagram page in the first picture as well as in the caption of the post. On top, Rachel wore a cropped shirt that appeared to be crafted from a beige velvet fabric. The garment had some volume on the shoulders, and long sleeves that extended to her delicate wrists. The fabric stretched over her ample assets, covering her chest but leaving a sliver of her stomach exposed. Two seams extended from the shoulders to the hem, adding some extra dimension to the sexy ruched look.

She paired the cropped top with high-waisted trousers in a lighter beige hue. The waistband of the tailored bottoms hugged her slender waist, and she hooked her thumb through one of the belt loops as she posed for the image. The fabric of the bottoms clung to her toned thighs before draping over her calves, becoming wider towards the bottom.

She finished off the look with two eye-catching accessories, a wide beige headband that kept her long blond locks away from her stunning features, and a pair of pointed toe boots with stiletto heels. Rachel leaned back in the seat, resting one elbow on the back as she gazed at the camera.

She shifted slightly for the second image, reclining further in the seat. Her lips were parted in a sultry expression and she kept her attention on the camera as it captured her fit figure.

The post received over 4,200 likes within just one hour of going live. It also racked up 84 comments from her audience.

"Queen," one fan wrote simply, followed by two heart eyes emoji.

"I love all the neutrals," another chimed in.

"You are just so beaut babe I love this gorgeous outfit you always look so beautiful and stunning," a third fan remarked, showering Rachel with compliments.

"Oh my god wow how incredible are you??!!!" another follower added.

A few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Rachel posted another double update captured in the same neutral space, although her ensemble was a lot more eye-catching. She wore a knee-length dress that was crafted entirely of a golden sequin-covered material that glimmered in the light, accentuating every inch of her curvaceous figure.