Kelly Gale Oozes Sensuality As She Braids Her Hair While Topless

Kelly Gale gave her 1.4 million Instagram followers something to talk about on Wednesday, January 6, with a smoldering new post. The Swedish model took to the popular photo-sharing app to post a snapshot that showed her doing her hair while going fully topless, and her fans were quick to react.

The shot featured Gale — who is best known for working with Victoria's Secret — posing outdoors in a grass-covered space lined with tall palm trees in the back. The beach filled the background, displaying the turquoise waters of the ocean that blended in with the bright blue sky.

She was captured from the left and the photographer framed her from the chest up. Gale opted to wear nothing on her torso, though she positioned the front arm close to her body to cover her chest and censor the shot.

Gale turned her head toward the camera, tough she looked at a point in distance to the left.

Gale wore her dark locks in a middle part and styled in soft waves that tumbled down her back. One braid framed her face on the left as she finished off the other side, pulling at a strand that was nearly done.

In the caption, Gale revealed that the photo was taken during a "casual morning" as she styled her tresses in the backyard.

The photo proved to be popular with her admirers. Within half a day, it has already garnered more than 35,000 likes and upwards of 165 comments. Many of her fans took to the comments section to interact with Gale's caption, complimenting her hairstyle. Many others, however, simply used the occasion to shower her with praise, gushing over her overall beauty.

"Yassss editorial let's get it," one user raved.

"[I]ts the face for me," replied another one of her fans, adding a heart-eyes emoji after the words.

"Lhe last braid in the hair!!!! and the beauty gives light and colors to the image!!!!" a third admirer gushed.

"This hair = ultimate mermaid [emoji] island vibez!" chimed in a fourth follower.

Gale often takes to her Instagram feed to post sexy photos of herself wearing minimal clothing. As The Inquisitr has previously written, she recently shared a snapshot of herself hanging out at a gorgeous beach during the golden hour. She sported a classic black two-piece bathing suit that included cheeky bottoms. They featured thick sides that clung to her hips and a thong back that bared her tight booty. She shared that her 2021 resolution is to work on her glutes.