Kelly Ripa Accidentally Flashes Underwear As Her Dress Blows Up In Awkward Throwback

Kelly Ripa proved once again that she doesn't take herself too seriously when she shared a 53rd birthday shoutout for friend Carrie Ann Inaba. The Live with Kelly and Ryan host took to Instagram on January 5 to post a batch of photos in celebration of the Dancing with the Stars judge, including one of a very awkward moment they shared together.

The third image, which can be seen by scrolling through the upload embedded below, showed the duo a few years ago when they presented a show together on location in Hawaii.

They both wore maxi dresses that blew in the wind during a gusty day, as they were handed some food by a chef. While Carrie Ann was seemingly able to keep her modesty, Kelly's long, flowy purple gown lifted up over her hips and revealed her skimpy pink underwear and toned thigh as she held the food up to her mouth.

Kelly joked about the moment on The Talk during her friend's birthday episode as she made a special appearance via video call.

"We were on set, and because she knows Hawaii so well, she knows that it gets breezy there. I just look at the temperature, like 'Oh it's 97 degrees I better wear this dress made out of paper mache,'" Kelly joked, per Hello!.

"And [Carrie Ann] is saying you better have undergarments on or a swimsuit or a scuba suit or something," the mom of three added, sharing her relief that she didn't go commando.

Kelly's birthday upload for the dance expert also included a screenshot of them on the video call during the episode, as well as a stunning solo shot of her fellow TV star posing on a couch next to a cake and decorations.

She also included a few safer for work shots of the duo during their Hawaiian TV project, as well as a throwback photo that showed Carrie Ann when she stepped in to guest co-host Live.

In the caption, the 50-year-old star described the DWTS judge as being one of her "favorite humans" as she thanked The Talk for allowing her to be a part of the celebration.

The upload came shortly after Kelly wowed fans on social media as she waved goodbye to 2020 with a very leggy shot of herself posing in a large chair. The former All My Children actress proudly flashed her toned pins in a low cut sparkly black and gold ensemble as she held a cane next to a large book.