Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: News Emerges About Ryan

Jon Lindstrom plays both Kevin and Ryan on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers promise developments related to Ryan Chamberlain during the episode airing on Wednesday, January 6. Many had presumed that Ryan was down-and-out after he was attacked during a visit with Sonny at Pentonville. However, it seems that some Port Charles residents are about to learn they might have underestimated him.

Cyrus arranged for the attack on Ryan as a favor to Julian. Ryan’s been unconscious since then, but there have been signs that he might be coming closer to regaining consciousness. Ava and Nikolas nearly killed him in General Hospital, but the moment was never quite right to go through with it.

Now, according to SheKnows Soaps, they may soon come to seriously regret not pushing forward with that plan. General Hospital teasers indicate that Laura will receive some news about Ryan, and it sounds as if she won’t be the only one.

The General Hospital preview for Wednesday revealed that Laura would catch up to Ava and Nikolas at Charlie’s Pub. She tells them that Kevin asked them all to meet at GH.

Over at GH, Britt stands behind Kevin in the open doorway of one of the rooms. She says that it’s out of their hands, and it seems highly likely that it’s Ryan’s room they’re looking into at this point.

Will Ryan awaken? If so, will his memory be intact?

Maura West and Jon Lindstrom film as Ava and Ryan on 'General Hospital'
  Michael Yada / ABC

Even if he does wake up and remember what went down prior to his attack, it may not help him much. He was blackmailing Ava and taunting her over the letter he received from Nelle that exposed Julian. Now, however, Julian’s dead. In addition, his role in the baby swap debacle was revealed to Sonny by Britt.

If Ryan is gaining consciousness, it is doubtful that any of these people will jump for joy. He’s terrorized all of them in various ways, and he will surely be sent back to Pentonville if he recovers enough. In the meantime, his recovery could push Ava and Nikolas closer together and General Hospital fans are all for that happening.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that Ava will receive information of some kind about Julian. Unfortunately, he is truly dead, so it may be that she learns of a will he left or something related to Charlie’s. It’s also possible that there is more in that letter that Nelle sent regarding Julian that could emerge if Ryan awakens.

At the moment, nothing more related to this development pops up in the currently available General Hospital teasers. If he is brought back to consciousness, the writers surely have something juicy planned though. For now, viewers will have to stay tuned and see how this upcoming update impacts Laura, Kevin, Ava, Nikolas, and others impacted by Ryan’s evil misdeeds.