‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Franco’s Health Issues Are Causing Concern & Chaos

Roger Howarth films as Franco on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers detail that Franco’s mysterious medical issues will be front-and-center. He had hoped to get help from Dr. Kirk in Geneva, but that fell apart when Scott accidentally killed the doctor. Now Franco is back in Port Charles and anxious to get help before it’s too late.

Many General Hospital viewers already have a hunch regarding this issue. He heard Peter’s voice in his head, and it seems very likely that signals a return of Drew’s memories.

It certainly doesn’t help that Franco’s tumor returned and that he experienced a brain injury during the Floating Rib explosion. According to the General Hospital sneak peek shared via Twitter, during Tuesday’s episode he’ll have a frightening incident regarding all of this.

The preview shows Franco angry and screaming with his hands held in fists near his face. He yells to “just stop it,” and this likely signals that he’ll be hearing the voices again.

He doesn’t remember everything he learned or experienced while he had Drew’s memories. Drew’s old experiences with Peter were part of this, and Franco remembering those details could cause a lot of chaos.

For now, Franco remains confused about why he’s hearing the voice and what it means. However, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that someone else might start to figure it out.

Apparently, Anna will get pulled into this situation. She will learn some details about Franco’s treatments, and it will grab her interest. At the same time, something about all of this leaves Anna quite shocked. She doesn’t have all the details about what Franco hearing Peter’s voice means either, but she may manage to piece some tidbits together.

As for Peter, he’s still desperately trying to hide the truth about his past. Robert has been suspicious of him for a long time now, and General Hospital teasers detail that the two men will have another seemingly intense conversation on Tuesday.

Robert will forcefully tell Peter not to make him regret something. That seems to suggest that Robert will agree to do something or go along with something that’s helpful to Peter, perhaps in an effort to please Maxie or Anna. However, Robert won’t exactly be excited about it and won’t hesitate to warn Peter to watch himself.

In addition, Dante will meet with his new handler. As far as he knows, Kirk gave him an assignment dictated by the WSB to investigate Peter. Of course, it was Liesl and not the WSB that orchestrated this, and Kirk is now dead.

Liesl snuck her way back into Port Charles, and she likely thinks she has a plan to keep Dante’s “mission” progressing. Will he manage to figure out the truth though?

General Hospital spoilers hint that Peter’s secrets may not remain under wraps for much longer, and fans are anxious to see him finally exposed.