Holly Sonders Heats Up Instagram In Risqué Cut-Out Bikini & Leather Collar

Former Fox Sports host Holly Sonders clearly knows how to light a fire under her 529,000 followers on Instagram. On Monday night, the 33-year-old electrified her already tempting timeline with a sizzling new photo wherein she went scantily clad in a risqué black string bikini and matching leather collar.

The steamy upload captured Holly outdoors and saw her posing against a white building under the cover of shade. A sun-kissed terrace was visible in one corner of the pic, below a patch of bright, blue sky. The brunette bombshell appeared to be holding onto a wooden railing, leaning forward and flaunting her busty assets as she spread her thighs. The downward angle of the shot offered a fantastic view of her voluptuous curves, giving fans a slight peek up her bikini top.

The skimpy swimwear left barely anything to the imagination, boasting a plummeting neckline and numerous cutouts that flashed a great deal of skin. The sexy design was present on both the top and the bottoms, reducing the two-piece to a few shreds of fabric held together by spaghetti straps. The ultra-revealing look exposed much of Holly's perky chest and showed off her chiseled lower body. Her sculpted midriff and ripped abs were also left in full view of her admirers.

Holly spruced up the racy look with a set of massive hoop earrings, which complemented the discrete O-ring detail adorning her shoulder strap. Likewise, the collar was bedazzled with numerous silver studs that upped the bling factor. Her list of accessories also included a shiny navel piercing, which the low-dipping waistline left on display.

The babe was snapped in mid-profile, teasing her pert posterior and showcasing her slender hip. The small tattoo on her flank was visible just above the top, whose scanty nature rivaled that of the insanely high-cut bottoms. Holly gazed over the camera and into the distance, seemingly pursing her lips in a provocative expression. Her cascading locks tumbled over her shoulder, concealing some of her bosom and drawing attention to her bared cleavage.

Sunlight illuminated Holly's face, turning her striking features into a focal point. The golden rays also shone on her décolletage, toned tummy, and thigh. The model's legs were cropped out of the frame, resulting in a seductive snap that spotlighted her hourglass shape.

"My goodness what a body," one follower commented on the snap, leaving a trail of fire emoji for the smoldering brunette.

"How many ways can I say delicious," gushed another Instagrammer.

The photo was geotagged at the Cabo San Lucas resort in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Holly credited the eye-popping snap to photographer and filmmaker Roí Allen Henson. The model took to her caption to announce she will be shooting again with the artist in Los Angeles Tuesday, asking fans what kind of content they would like to see.

"More like this would be great!!" was one suggestion.

"You with a smile and happy!!" said another Instagram user. "You have such a great smile and I just think you need to share that with the world," they added.