January 4, 2021
Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Laura Cautions Jason & Carly Tries To Reassure Jax

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, January 5 tease that the Florence situation will prompt some intense conversations. Carly thought she had come up with the perfect way to keep Cyrus at bay, but not everybody agrees with her approach.

As soon as Jason learned of Carly's scheme, he took control. He wanted her distanced from the mess she created, but General Hospital viewers have a hunch this may not be entirely successful.

The sneak peek for Tuesday shows that Laura will tell Jason how she sees it. According to SheKnows Soaps, she'll be positively stunned as she tries to wrap her head around the specifics of this situation.

While Jason may resist admitting to Laura exactly what happened, she's already pieced some things together and isn't exactly asking him. Rather, General Hospital teasers indicate that she'll tell Jason that he has turned this into a war.

Jason made it clear to Carly that he would not have taken this approach. He would not have taken Florence and he's wise enough to know this won't necessarily keep the Corinthos family safe. In fact, as Laura suggests, it's probably more likely that Cyrus will retaliate in a big way soon.

While Jason tries to handle Laura, Carly will talk with Jax. He opened up to Nina during Monday's show, explaining his frustrations that Josslyn resisted going to Australia with him. He wants to get his daughter out of Port Charles to keep her safe, but the teen pushed back.

Ingo Rademacher plays Josslyn's father on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Todd Wawrychuk

Nina provided a different perspective to Jax, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that he may not be convinced yet. The preview for Tuesday shows that Carly will confidently tell Jax that Cyrus will not be a problem.

General Hospital teasers detail that Jax will be hoping to gain some information from Carly. He may go into this conversation hoping that she can somehow assure him that Josslyn isn't in danger. While Carly may feel certain that she's neutralized Cyrus, Jax probably won't be so convinced.

Will she tell her ex-husband exactly what she did that makes her so sure? She does tend to confide in him when she's involved in crazy stuff, so she might tell him about Florence. Whether she does or not, he'll probably be doubtful that Joss is guaranteed to remain safe in Port Charles.

Next Monday, Jax and Joss will come to an agreement of some sort. This may mean that he'll agree to let her stay at home, but with some additional precautions incorporated. Even if that is the case, some General Hospital fans have a hunch that Cyrus may soon make a move on Josslyn in retaliation for what happened to Florence.

This back-and-forth will seemingly continue for a while and General Hospital spoilers hint that there could be major trouble on the horizon.