Kelley Flanagan Addresses Split With 'The Bachelor' Peter Weber

Stacy Carey

The Bachelor fans had been anxious to follow along as Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan moved to New York City together, but things took a turn as the new year began. A few days ago, Peter revealed that the couple had called it quits. On Sunday, Kelley acknowledged the breakup and shared some of her own thoughts.

She shared a photo showing her with Peter and included a lengthy caption. She acknowledged that many people had likely already heard the news. She added that she had wanted to process it herself before saying anything about it publicly.

She said that it saddened her to say that she and Peter had gone their separate ways. Kelley went on to explain that ultimately, she and Peter determined that they were in two different stages of their lives. Not only that, but they also saw their paths for the future differently.

The former Bachelor contestant did not share specifics beyond that. Since the two connected last spring, they had seemed virtually inseparable and very much on the same page regarding what they wanted.

The move to New York had seemingly been in-process for Peter and Kelley. Now, it seems that he's back living with his parents in California while she's in her hometown of Chicago.

"Tbh you could do better go find him queen," one person noted.

"Something tells me Peter wasn't ready to level up to her maturity. He's got a lot of growing up and settling down left to do, Kelley's a grown woman who doesn't look like she just wants to waste her time. Still sad to see them come to an end, I wish both of them the very best," another supporter wrote.

There were quite a few comments urging Kelley to consider becoming The Bachelorette.

A choice for the next lead won't be made until February or March, and the network may prioritize someone from Matt James' season. Despite that, the possibility seemed a popular one.

"Kelley for Bachelorette to find a real man!!!" someone else declared.

"YOU DESERVE BETTER SIS!! You have always been way out of his league," a fourth user determined.

Even if The Bachelorette doesn't become a possibility, there's always Bachelor in Paradise next summer. Ultimately, Kelley may decide she's done with reality television. Whatever she decides, she seems to have a dedicated fan base who is ready to support her through whatever she tackles next.