January 4, 2021
Vicky Aisha Flaunts Massive Cleavage & Almost Spills Out Of Orange String Bikini While Holding A Power Tool

Vicky Aisha tantalized her fans in her latest Instagram post. The model looked smoking hot wearing a minuscule bikini that barely fit her massive assets. In her caption, she asked her fans if they wanted to see more from this particular shoot.

The bikini maven rocked a dark orange two-piece swimsuit that seemed a tad too small for her. The bikini top rode up her breasts, exposing some of her underboob, while the triangular cups covered only what was necessary. Her bust almost spilled out from the tight confines of the ruched fabric, exposing her voluptuous cleavage.

On her lower half, Vicky rocked matching bottoms. The tiny thong tied on her hips, drawing attention to her curvy thighs.

The social media star wore a construction belt around her midsection, highlighting her petite waist and undulating curves. Her other accessories included a power tool and a new hairstyle. In her caption, Vicky wrote that she had cut her own bangs and her platinum tresses fell down her shoulders and back in casual disarray.

The blond bombshell stated she had filmed her version of Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" music video. She thanked one of her admirers who had mentioned the idea in a recent Q&A session. Those who follow the influencer know she is currently having a house built and is excited to move in.

Vicky posed in a large room that was still under construction. She stood with one hand on her waist and one leg in front of the other. She held up a power tool with her other hand, pointing the drill bit at the ceiling. She gave the camera a provocative expression, her lips slightly parted.

Her fans showered her with attention and praise. The offering has already received over 27,000 likes and 409 comments.

Vicky made such an impression among her admirers that someone asked her for her rates.

"How much you charge by the hour? I'm about to go break some stuff," they teased.

Another informed her that her work attire would not meet health and safety protocols.

"I'm pretty sure that the [swimsuit emoji] is not OSHA approved," they joked.

"Oh, my Goddess. Looking pretty cute there, Vicky," an admirer complimented her.

A fourth user waxed lyrical about her beauty.

"You are every guy's dream woman. You have a hot body, a dirty mind, and can handle yourself around tools. Damn sexy!" they gushed.

The influencer recently updated her feed with another risqué shot. In that photo, she wore a thong bodysuit that exposed her booty. In that caption, she wrote she was "feeling cheeky" that day.