Marie Osmond Shares Hopes For 2021 & Important Message With Fans: 'You Can Do Hard Things'

Lucille Barilla

Marie Osmond shared a Vision Board that she created in 2020 where she discussed several key things regarding her life journey over the past year as well as an important message and favorite saying from her mother, Olive.

In the snapshot seen here, Marie's board featured several different items. These included photos of her grandchildren with the word "grandma" atop them, symphonic albums and orchestra photographs, movies, a diploma, skydiving, knitting, sleep, images of her husband Stephen Craig, a diploma, and the word faith.

In a caption that accompanied the post, Marie encouraged her followers to write down some goals for the year as well as their hopes and dreams. She also encouraged them to not neglect their successes, big and small, from the past year and to use them as an inspiration that hard things can be done. Marie shared that her beloved mother always told her that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and that is advice she has always tried to live by.

Marie said that rather than resolutions, she would rather set goals for herself.

She shared that she added a few things she was super excited about. She said there is a strength behind seeing a word written down on paper because the more you look at something the more it becomes important to you.

Marie expressed her gratefulness that she did put her ideas down even though there were some roadblocks to her goals due to the unusual circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. She said she was amazed at how many things she had accomplished thus far and was hopeful to go skydiving since that was something she had not done in 2020.

In closing, Marie said that one should never give up on a goal and that she would "never suppress a generous thought," which she said would be her motto for 2021.

In the comments section of the post, Marie's fans reacted positively to her post.

"That board is so beautiful who has time???? I'm heading to Michaels or Hobby Lobby now!!!!!" penned one fan.

"When I think back on 2020 and how I got through it, a lot is in thanks to you. I had you to look to as an example of how to face hardships with a positive attitude. You were also so open and honest about your feelings and it helped tremendously. You have been such a blessing to me and I know so many others," wrote a second follower on Instagram.