January 4, 2021
'Sports Illustrated' Model Haley Kalil Shows Off Tiny Waist In Low-Slung Pants For New Selfie

Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil showed off her tiny waist in a pair of low-slung pants for a new Instagram selfie. The gorgeous redhead, who made her debut in the publication in 2018 for its first-ever casting call, not only displayed her beautiful body but her chic style in a series of four bathroom snaps.

She used the moment to ask her 352,000 followers if they were as messy as she when it came to makeup application and noted the myriad beauty products displayed on the counter in front of her.

Haley wore an off-the-shoulder top that had long sleeves and thick cuffs at her wrists. The solid-color black shirt stopped just above her waist. She paired that with olive-colored pants which had a drawstring waistline tied underneath her navel. Pleating at the waist added to the overall finished look of her fashion statement.

Haley took the snapshots in a bathroom which featured a large, dark-colored wooden door. A tiled shower was seen behind the model, and a black countertop held all the necessities to create her flawless face look. Next to her makeup was a tiny purse in a print pattern.

The second snap showed Haley as she stuck her tongue out for the camera. Her auburn tresses were blown out pin-straight, and large, pearl earrings were fastened to her earlobes.

In a third photograph, she held up two fingers on her right hand in a peace sign. For the fourth image, Haley held the fingers of her right hand to her cheek and pursed her lips.

Just two days prior, on January 2, the model noted that she was in "recovery" mode as she shared a series of eight sequential snaps of her wearing a powder blue sweatshirt as she promoted a brand of coconut water. You can view that Instagram update here.

In the comments section of the latest photograph, her followers owned up to their messy habits.

"Yes, every time I do my makeup," wrote one fan.

Haley agreed and wrote that it was easier to find the products when they were in front of her.

"Yup, and then I have to crop it out of my pic," joked a second follower.

"I can totally relate to this on a thousand levels," added a third Instagram user.

"At least it's only a counter for you! My whole bathroom and bedroom are crazy after I get ready," penned a fourth fan.