January 4, 2021
Paige VanZant Strips Down For A Hot Shower With Her Husband

Paige VanZant delighted her followers with a sultry snap of her and her husband Austin Vanderford over the weekend, much to the delight of her 2.7 million Instagram followers.

The photo, which was taken in black and white, showed the couple standing in a shower, gazing at each other with smiles on their faces. VanZant grabbed her husband's belt buckle too, as he happened to be fully clothed at the time.

Vanderford wore a long-sleeved white shirt that had a cut-out at the neck and chest areas, allowing him to show off his tattoos. He topped off the get-up with some black pants, which matched his wife's outfit.

VanZant rocked nothing but a black bra and mini skirt. The attire showed off her toned legs, abs and a substantial amount of cleavage. Her blond hair looked soaking wet, but the mixed martial artist didn't care as her complete focus was on her significant other.

The former UFC star may have given away the pair's coordinates in the accompanying caption as well. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she has included similar captions in her recent snaps, including one which depicted her standing in the ocean rocking a thong bikini.

The upload was well received by VanZant's social media followers. Over 55,000 have hit the like button as of this writing. A couple of hundred even took the time to leave a comment for the couple, most of which were very complimentary.

"Aw, you're absolutely beautiful sweetie," gushed one Instagram follower. This view was echoed by many throughout the comments section.

"I know those wet jeans weren't easy to take off," joked a second Instagram user.

One Instagrammer dug deep and discovered the location that the coordinates pointed to as well.

"The geolocation is Climax, Georgia, USA," they wrote.

While VanZant likely used those coordinates to add more sizzle to the photo, some of her fans stated that they hope she isn't actually there, otherwise she might get some unexpected visits from her admirers.

It's evident that VanZant intends to keep heating up the image-sharing platform in 2021 and keep her momentum rolling. As The Inquisitr previously pointed out, she was very popular on social media last year. She even shared a collage of her most popular snaps to celebrate the end of 2020.

Combat sports aficionados will also get to see VanZant do what she does best again in February, as she will make her long-awaited debut in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.