Valerie Cossette Looks Like A Total Smokeshow In Skintight Leather Pants & Semi-Sheer Corset

Alexandra Lozovschi

Valerie Cossette went into full bombshell mode for her first Instagram post of 2021 on January 3. The Canadian beauty shimmied into a pair of skintight black leather pants that perfectly showed off her curvy hips and long, lean legs. She coupled them with a white corset that flaunted her shapely chest and finished off the smoking-hot look with black velour ankle boots.

The sizzling brunette shared a tantalizing full-body selfie wherein she displayed her chiseled, hourglass figure while posing with one leg in front of the other. Her sculpted waist was accentuated by the high-rise design of her pants, whose eye-catching sheen called attention to her voluptuous curves. The model's taut midsection was visible between the form-fitting bottoms and the corset, which formed a v-shape pattern in the front that only showed a bit of tattooed skin.

The revealing top was made out of a semi-sheer fabric that teased Valerie's busty assets. White busks emphasized her trim physique, converging toward the bottom and giving the corset a shell-like look. The strapless number left her chest tattoos in full view of her audience and showcased the ink on her arms.

The outfit was from the online retailer Fashion Nova, which Valerie made sure to tag in her caption. The babe expressed her love for the look with a black heart emoji. She spruced up the ensemble with a collection of tasteful jewelry that included a bangle bracelet, a few rings, and a discrete pendant necklace.

Valerie appeared to be in the comfort of her own home. She was standing in front of a beige sofa, which rested atop a matching furry rug. A faux fur blanket was draped over one side of the cushioned couch, which was further adorned with a couple of black-and-white throw pillows that mirrored the palette of her attire. The color scheme was also reflected in the artwork hanging on the wall above the sofa, which incidentally matched Valerie's marbled phone case.

The stunner raised one hand in the air with an elegant gesture, all the while peering into the screen as she snapped the pic. She fanned her fingers over the case, showing off her dark, pointy manicure. A glimpse of her large hoop earrings could be seen among her cascading locks, which tumbled over her shoulder and arm in loose waves that reached her waist. The photo also captured a stylish kitchen and dining area complete with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

"Looking amazing. What a way to start this year," said one follower.

"What an amazing picture to start the year off [mind-blown emoji] so perfect," agreed a second admirer.

"Wow you're unbelievably beautiful," chimed in another smitten fan.

"You look absolutely gorgeous in leather," remarked a fourth Instagrammer.