Guess Girl Bri Teresi Poses Topless In Steamy Shower Snap

Model Bri Teresi ignited Instagram with one of the more revealing snapshots to hit her timeline in recent memory. The photo, which was uploaded on Saturday afternoon, showed the statuesque 26-year-old posing in a shower enclosure with nary an article of clothing to cover her athletic frame.

Instead, Teresi had wrapped a bath towel around her hips to mask her sinuous midsection and legs. Meanwhile, a strategically placed forearm was all that covered her prominent bustline in the steamy shot.

The Guess girl captioned her latest share by imploring her adoring masses to check out her site on a popular content subscription service. If the early fan response to the post was any indication, she may have had her fair share of takers.

Less than an hour after going live, the sultry update was closing in on its 10,000th like. Moreover, the comments section had already been inundated with replies praising her nearly-nude pose and overall allure.

"Wow u look fantastic [emoji]," wrote one person, who further praised Teresi's "amazing figure."

"This is all my heart can take," declared a second, equally smitten supporter.

"Venus has nothing on you, tell her your beauty is way more heavenly," commented a third follower. "Feel like I'm looking at paradise."

"Raise your right hand and repeat after me," joked another admirer.

In the medium-wide shot, Teresi was shown standing in a tiled shower enclosure with her smoldering eyes locked onto the camera. Her dirty blond hair, which was parted down the middle, appeared to be slightly wet as it draped over her shoulders and bosom on both sides. In the meantime, her perky, magenta-hued lips glinted in the light as she was snapped.

Teresi used her right forearm to cover the more intimate areas of her bosom; her wrist masked her nipple on the corresponding side while the other was obscured by her hand. All the while, she used her left hand to hold her towel together as it hung loosely from her slender, yet shapely hips.

Her gym-honed abs and bare navel marked the divide between her upper and lower halves as she struck her seductive pose.

A handful of days before raising temperatures with her stunning snower snap, the California product was equally as impressive in a wild video post. In the reel, a bikini-clad Teresi successfully executed a trick golf shot which saw her propel the ball into the air and through an elevated hole in a painting as it was being touched up by the artist.